Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day to me

I know I am probably the only mother in the world who buys herself a Mother's Day present but I came across some beautiful chrysanthemums and roses in recent days that I simply couldn't resist especially as the chrysanthemums had been reduced from $15-$18 to $5. I was going to wait until after Mother's Day and check for any reductions at one of our few remaining locally owned plant nurseries which I will still do but I saw these plants at BigW just begging to be rescued so I obliged. Honestly there is nothing wrong with them and they just need a little TLC and eventually some sunshine and they will provide some colour in our late Autumn garden where nothing much is flowering at the moment.

I have been eyeing off the pink chrysanthemum in front of a shop just up the road and wondered if the owner would give me a cutting as they are so easy to grow but I didn't pluck up the courage to do that so was thrilled to see the same light pink flowers when I went into BigW. I checked out the other colours and all the pink ones were reduced to $5. The rusty coloured ones are still $18 but I did manage to pick up one of them last week when it was the only one that was reduced. The flowers had died and a few of the leaves were going mouldy so I just gave it a trim and potted it up and it is looking good especially as we have had some light rain since last night. 

The spent flowers just need to be taken off this plant. 

This one seems to be two toned and I just love both colours.

This is a purple one which looks red in the photo which I bought myself for Mother's Day last year.

I bought a couple of roses for the first time too. This one is Oklahoma. It says on the tag that it is strongly scented so I hope that is right.

The other one is Blue Moon and is also scented so I do hope they survive as only three of the six roses we were given last year by a neighbour are still alive and well. Mind you the CEO moved them at the wrong time of the year but if he didn't dig them out that particular day then the neighbour was going to throw them in the bin and she did end up tossing the few that were left. The previous owner had really loved her roses and I wish she had taken them with her but she wasn't sure where she was going to live when the house was sold. So sad all round really! 

Personally I don't really care about receiving presents for Mother's Day and I am sure most parents would just love to hear from their children on the day. I see advertisements about buying expensive jewellery etc. for mothers and I often wonder if anyone really does that. My mother certainly didn't expect any expensive gifts. I used to do craft work to sell years ago during the 1970s and 1980s and I am sure anyone who was crafty at that time will remember Tracy Marsh's books like Touch of Bouquet. I used to make tissue box covers in the shape of a house where you pulled the tissues out the chimney (don't laugh)and other crafts like that and my mum would always receive one of these handmade gifts for Mother's Day. I had a giggle the year after she had died and my sister and I were cleaning out her house to sell it as I found a drawer full of my crafty gifts which had never been used. Considering she was 97 when she died I don't think she really found any use for them in her eighties and nineties. I think she just wanted to know that we loved and appreciated her. 

Isn't that what any mum wants?


  1. My favourite gifts are the little cards my son has made me with his own little messages inside. I treasure those. You flowers all look so colourful, Chel. They should get a good start with this rain we are having. Meg:)

  2. Meg, I still have some of the cards my children made me when they were little. They must be about thirty years old now. I think the rain has just about finished but it was nice while it lasted.

  3. You have picked some beautiful flowers.
    Do you have photos of your crafts? I'd love to see the house shaped tissue boxes you made. :)

  4. No I never did take any photos of those tissue box covers, Nil. They took three hours to make and were made with cardboard, fabric and glue. They sold very well.

  5. Such lovely colours! No wonder you had to bring them home with you. I do love chrysanthemums. I told my husband, what I want for Mother's day, is just to relax. :)

    1. I agree, Chris. When you have a family at home it is so nice to get some time just to relax.

  6. gorgeous! i have yellow & maroon (which have gone a lovely crimson instead) the soil will change some flower colours as mine has done; blue moon is not a tea so don't drink it lol i have one that i bought about 10 or more years ago now, honestly can't remember when, it's looking very ragged & it's scent gets stronger every year, it was classed as a no scent rose when i bought it.
    would love to grow more, they do well here.
    wonderful post
    thanx for sharing

    1. Selina that is good about the scent. I really need to learn more about growing roses. There is a tour of the State Rose Garden not far from here on Sunday but I will miss it as we will be out for lunch. I might call in anyway on the way home just in case it is running late.

  7. Nanna Chel,
    I love the roses. I have brought a scented one and have some I pasted on to my aunt across the road as they do better in the ground because they are sprawlers. I don't know much about them but dad does and he tells me what to do. Don't disturb the roots too much when planting out. Just don't get the leaves wet. Water down at the base.


  8. I bought myself a tin magpie garden ornament for Mother's Day, as I don't expect my kids to buy me anything, a phone call is enough. But I was telling my son a couple of us "orphan mothers" were going to a local nursery that was putting on food and displays for Mother's Day and I was planning to get some plants for my new garden bed, He said to send him the bill for whatever I bought, lovely boy! Love all the flowers you bought for yourself, they'll brighten up your garden beautifully.

    1. That was nice of your son, Nanette. My daughter rang today and asked if her gift had arrived. Maybe it will arrive before Christmas as Australia Post isn't too quick these days.

  9. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! You are so right...no need for expensive presents. The gift of time together is good enough for me. My daughter did get me a gift, and it's something we will do together in August---an outdoor play performance of Pride and Prejudice at a local theatre. We will take a picnic and a bottle of wine and enjoy time together with Mr. Darcy.

    My son, too, got me a gift, but it certainly wasn't elaborate. Just some of my favorite snacks---potato chips and skittles. That is a perfect gift for me!

    Hard to believe those "red" chrysanthemums are really purple. They are beautiful as red. lol

    Anyhow, enjoy your flowers.



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