Saturday, 14 July 2018

Too many choices!

I wanted to start off my post with something pretty and remembered I took some photos of the roses in the Queensland State Rose Garden a few weeks ago so here are a couple. If anyone in our area is interested in learning how to prune roses you can learn in the rose gardens on the 4th August at 8.30am.

I did ring one of the numbers on the website and from memory the lady said to bring along a hat, gloves, secateurs and a bucket.  I know practically nothing about roses but now have six as I bought three recently so am keen to learn how to look after them and how to do the pruning.

That said I will explain what I mean by too many choices in the title. We have lived in this house for over forty years and for the first time will be doing some renovations soon. The CEO has finally agreed to get the house painted and the painter has been around and we have had a discussion about colours but haven't made the final decision as yet. 

The last time the house was painted (a very long time ago) we chose heritage colours which were cream, green and dark red and they were very popular colours around town. The painter was saying how it got to be a bit ho hum around town after a while as there wasn't much variety in colours. I had a laugh at that.

These days grey seems to be the colour of choice but we don't like that so are looking at cream once again but with dark blue and white trims. The expert at the paint shop explained that some colours fade very quickly and to be careful with the blues as they will last longer if they are a dark almost muddy colour as there will be black added to the tint or something like that. So I will be guided by the experts as they know what they are doing and the house isn't going to be painted again in a hurry so it is better that they do a thorough job.

 Then there are all the colours for the bathroom and kitchen plus what type of drawers, cabinets, stove and so on to choose. A friend came with me to check out the colours for the cabinets as she had done renovations recently. I was simply overwhelmed and even the tradie said there was too much choice. Just give me a choice of five colours and I will pick one or two from that :-( I really didn't have any idea of what to choose as this is the first time I have had a choice but thought that the greenish kitchen on the Jamie Oliver series looked nice so am thinking that a light green on the walls, a wooden look on the cabinets or drawers and a dark green bench might be okay. The colours above aren't exact as I had them sitting on a white sheet of paper not blue for the photo and I have no idea what the finished product would look like with those colours.

I was kind of looking forward to having multicoloured splash backs but was told the kitchen would end up looking like a lollypop shop with the green bench as well so the suggestion was to pick up the cream in the Formica which is going on the cabinets, pantry etc. Then there are the choices to be made for tiles in the bathroom and more colours. Oh well....there is still a long way to go with all this but the thing that is concerning me the most is being without a bathroom for two weeks or so as we only have one.

I did get a quote for renting a portable shower but it would cost about $200 a week plus $100 for delivery and setting up. Hmmm, perhaps it would be better to go on a holiday. LOL!

The weather has turned cold and today it was 0C in the morning which was followed by a beautiful sunny day which was supposed to be 18C. One of the pumpkins growing in the macadamia nut tree fell down and it is looking a bit worse for wear but is still intact which is quite amazing. 


The one at the top of the tree seems to be wedged between two branches so it won't be coming down any time soon. Do birds eat pumpkin? If so there is plenty there to keep them happy. 

I didn't get up early enough to find out but I think we had a frost this morning judging by the pumpkin vines. We don't get a frost all that often here so are fortunate. There are still about six butternut pumpkins to pick eventually. 

Well, I hope everyone is happy and well and that readers in Australia are keeping warm. We are still being stoic and wrap ourselves in blankets to save putting the heater on unless we get desperate but it does get chilly without the blankets. I believe it is very hot in many areas in the Northern Hemisphere so keep cool. The situation will be reversed in a few months time I am sure.

Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. I think you might've had a frost this morning Chel, -2 in some parts of Toowoomba! It looks frosty outside here, I'll find out in a minute as I'm going to let the chooks out and walk Mirrhi. It can be daunting choosing colours for your house, unless you know absolutely what you do....or don't...want. I painted the outside of my house a deep blue-green, as I wanted it to recede into the landscape, and grey trim and fences. I didn't plan it, but it's the same colour as the hills behind me, so really blends in now. Good luck with choosing, and maybe by the time you get to doing the bathroom it'll be warm enough to have a quick hose down in the backyard :)

  2. Nanette apparently it was -6 out at Wellcamp airport yesterday. Thankfully it wasn't that bad here. I think it may have been 1C this morning but I haven't been outside yet to check for frost. Glad your house paint colour choices worked out. I have been driving around trying to find a house that I really like the colour of.

  3. Nanna Chel,
    I had to do some early morning drives and there was a nice layer of ice on the car windows. It's been cold! I don't envy you having to have your home painting, might be a good idea to go on the vacation. Hope you are managing to keep warm.

  4. Shiralee, we just about froze last night but it is lovely and sunny now as it normally is after a frost. Keep warm.

  5. House renovations - yay!!! Such an upheaval of life for a little while but definitely worth it in the end. What colour is your roof, Chel?? As I suppose you are not changing that, its just a thought but make sure your exterior colour will match in with the roof colour you have. Maybe if you did cream cupboards in your kitchen with the woodgrain on the benchtops then you could go for some patterned tiles on the splashback it that is what you wanted.

  6. Sandi, hubby wants silver for the roof as the green we had there last time faded quickly. He also painted under the solar panels before they went up so there is already silver there. Too many decisions to make I think. LOL!


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