Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A visit to Green Dandelion

I meant to write this past last week but I was laid low over the weekend with an acute case of vertigo and that meant I was unable to do anything apart from lie in bed and try not to move because if I did the result was immediate nausea and vomiting. Thankfully I have recovered apart from feeling really tired from the Labyrinthitis caused by a virus. As my son and I leave for Melbourne in a few days I was thinking that I might have to cancel the trip if I didn't improve. Last week a friend and I visited Green Dandelion which is now in the old Sauce Kitchen building in Station Street, Toowoomba within walking distance from the Grand Central Shopping Centre. So if you were wondering what had happened to Suanne as she hasn't been at the Cobb and Co farmers' markets for some time, then you can find her there in her new shop.

Last year Suanne presented a beeswax wraps workshop for our Simple Living Toowoomba group. She has a fantastic shop so if you are ever in our area do pop in and say hello and check out all her stock like....

...these colourful mats...

...all you need to make your own beeswax wraps...

...but if you want to buy them ready made Suanne has them for sale.

 Then there are these bags....


....which would make a great gift....

...lots of brushes...

...reusable straws and cleaners....

...lots of reusable cups...

....and lots of toilet paper (not reusable) LOL!

Also in the building is Emerge Cafe which is a social enterprise helping youth in the Toowoomba Community. They have great coffee and food there so go along and support the young people. Also Asher who presented our last workshop will be having a pop-up restaurant there on the 5th April.

Directly across the road from Green Dandelion there is the Yellow Bridge Collectables Boutique Op Shop which I have never visited before. What a lovely little shop and so reasonably priced as well! It is well worth a visit.

I especially love the sign outside :-)

Well, I hope everyone is well and happy. I am not sure when I will be blogging again but I will be taking photos of the big city while I am in Melbourne. I am sure the excitement will wear off quite quickly and I will be itching to get home once again after a few days. 

Have a great week everyone!


  1. What a lovely shop this is Chel. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Melbourne and love it as much as I do. XX

    1. Sally you would be like a pig in mud in this shop. LOL!

  2. I didn't know their were cleaners for those metal straws. Also I didn't know about beeswax wraps so had to look them up. Clearly I am not very green. Hope you are feeling fully well again soon so you can enjoy Melbourne.

  3. The wraps are used instead of cling wrap. Yes Suanne has lots of cleaners for those straws.

  4. I wish I could visit that shop. I don't think I've ever seen natural fiber brushes at the stores here.

    Have a safe trip, Chel. Enjoy Melbourne. :)

  5. Nil, we are a bit spoiled for choice here I must say.

  6. What great shops and goods, Nanna Chel. They look like a fun way to spend an afternoon. So sorry you had horrible vertigo. A friend of mine had a spell of it and she took oregano capsules and kicked it. I understand there are different strains of vertigo (and causes), but it worked for hers. Enjoy your visit to the Big City :). Mary in San Diego

  7. sorry to hear you were not feeling well, and hope you are fine on your trip. I am getting ready to make beeswax wraps at our crafternoons in April. It didnt happen in March with the arrival of a new granddaughter taking precedence!

  8. Have a great time in Melbourne, Chel, such a great city to explore. We loved our time there last year. Green Dandelion sounds like a fantastic place to shop, everything offering those kinder alternatives for our Earth. Hope that vertigo has passed! Meg:)

  9. The shop looks wonderful I love how you can buy basically a beeswax wrapper kit or buy one already made. Toowoomba certainly has come a long way and with cafes and restaurants in the last few years as it's often featured on The Great Day Out TV show [Formerly The Great South East]


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