Sunday, 16 June 2019

Keeping up with technology ~ or not!

These past two weeks have been a learning curve for me as our PC died and I had to venture into the world of salesmen who could sell ice to an eskimo in order to buy a new one and at the same time traded in my much loved Getz for a new automatic car so that I could continue to drive as I get older if I have any knee problems.

As well as all that I helped our son buy a new second hand car from a dealer so, all in all, it was a very expensive fortnight for this household. However, I had been planning to update my car since I retired a few years ago but just loved the little car I drove so much that I didn't want to part with it. It was easy to park and I could drive to the Sunshine Coast on 1/4 tank of petrol so it was very economical as well but I have been watching the gradual decline in my older siblings regarding their mobility so thought I had best start making plans for the future and upgrade my car during the end of financial year sales as the new one, which is a 1917 model, can fit a walking frame in the boot which my little Getz couldn't. I don't think my sister is too far away from having to use one as she is 11 years older than I am.  

I even took a photo of it as I left it behind in the car sale yard. Sob sob!

After initially putting my foot on the clutch...or trying to...when I was leaving the car sales lot I very carefully drove home with the new car and breathed a sigh of relief that I had made it home safely. I really don't like change and having to drive an automatic once again after years of spinning around in a little manual car was quite a change for me. I kept telling myself that I used to drive my Dad's old blue Ford Falcon around quite easily when I visited my parents as he kept it after he lost his licence when he was becoming unwell with dementia and it was a huge car compared to my little Getz. I would take my parents for a drive in it so that at least he could still have the pleasure of being in his well loved old car.

Back to the buying of the PC though. Although I was expecting our old one to die sometime soon as it was very, very old, I had been hoping I would be given some notice that it was on the way out but unfortunately one day it just wouldn't turn on so I had to start looking at new ones ASAP. I really should have measured our old tower and printer but it didn't even enter my mind that they would be a different size but alas...they were!

The tower is about twice the width of the old one and the new beaut wireless printer...well that won't even sit on the shelf as it is about two inches wider than the old one. All is not lost though as eventually when we are able to turn our son's old room into a craft/sewing/spare room it could live in there on a desk as it is wireless and wouldn't need to be plugged into the computer. Let's hope so anyway. I did connect it up with our WiFi as it has a touch screen on the jolly thing so all should be well. If it is not you will probably hear me screaming in frustration from your place. LOL! I find dealing with this new technology can become quite stressful.

I did have a look around the Op Shops for a more suitable desk but we currently have a corner desk which, up until now, has been just perfect. There were none to be found though. Unfortunately it is looking a tad 'used' by now as the CEO bought it from a garage sale back in the day and what I presume is a laminated top has peeled off around the edges. I wonder if there is some paint that could cover it.

Has anyone had experience with improving the appearance of surfaces like this? I would prefer a better quality desk but haven't been able to find anything and, as this desk has served us well, I don't want to add something else to landfill when it isn't necessary. Any ideas?

Well, I had better work on this computer and try to get my head around negotiating Windows 10. The font is too small at the moment and the screen keeps changing size and then the taskbar isn't visible but I have done a Google search for a solution and there seem to be a few things to try as obviously it is a common problem.

I am such a whiz where technology is concerned that it shouldn't be too hard. Ha ha!


  1. Hahaha and ooops, oh dear. I hear you. My tablet turns itself off when it feels like life is too hard. Mr Google was a wonderful help to figure out how to turn it back on again. It was being stubborn. Aahhh. Just as well my phone was handy. Hope your new wheels go superbly.

    1. Brigie, sometimes I am sure these devices have a life of their own. My phone rings people when I haven't clicked on 'Call' and my iPad also turned itself off recently and do you think I could turn it back on. It took a lot of trial and error to get it to do that eventually. Life was so simple when I was growing up. LOL!

  2. I'd put some regular Spakfilla on the worn ends, as they're textured enough to grab the Spak and hold it. Once dry, give it a light sand to match the rest of the table surface. You also need to lightly sand the laminate you're going to paint, to give it texture to hold. Clean it, prime the laminate, followed by an application with a special laminate paint. These work on shiny surfaces, like tiles and laminate. Finally, it needs a clear top-coat. Wait times, after the last coat is applied is 48 hours, but it can take up to week for it to cure properly.

    If you Google "paint laminate benchtop", or "paint laminate furniture", you'll see some great videos, with handy tips on getting the best results. I've considered painting our laminate kitchen before, Maybe one day? Congratulations on your new car. I hope it lasts a very long time. Like you. ;) :)

  3. Thanks Chris. I will check out the videos. I will see how much the paint etc. costs though as it may not be cost effective.

  4. Good luck with the computer, Chel.

    If laminate paint is too expensive, I would put a piece of plywood cut to the appropriate size and cover it with a nice cloth.

    I learned to drive in a manual, but now I don’t remember how to use a clutch. LOL.

    1. Thanks Nil. I will have to put quite a bit of thought into how to fix the computer desk. It has a few years of life left in it.

  5. We have a little manual car, Chel. I grew up learning to drive in the paddocks up home and it always takes me a bit to get used to my mother-in-law's automatic if I have to drive that for some reason or other. Funny what we get used to! When I went back to work at the start of the year, we moved our study around and bought two cheap rectangular desks to go along one wall side by side so that it makes one long desk. I now think that just created more space to pile stuff up onto!!

    Hope you quickly find your way round your new PC.


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