Friday, 14 February 2020

Upcoming Simple Living Toowoomba Workshops

Our Simple Living Toowoomba group holds monthly meetings as long term readers would know and we have another two fantastic workshops coming up in March and April. These are open to anyone who can make it on the day and you would be most welcome if you can come along.  As I wrote last year our co-ordinator Margy became too busy to keep running the group so I offered to take over to keep the workshops going.

 However when time permits Margy will still do some presenting so she will be be doing the March one and the topic will be 'decluttering' . The details are as below:

Decluttering Workshop

Date:    7 March
Time:   10-12 noon
What:   In this open forum we will talk about topics such as:
  • The benefits of decluttering
  • Tips for decluttering
  • How to let go of sentimental items
  • Decluttering with children
  • How to declutter when other people in our homes are not so inclined
  • Creative ways to declutter
  • Other areas in our lives that we can look at decluttering ie calendar, email, work place etc.
This will be for people who would like help with decluttering but also for people who have gone through or are going through the process.  It would be great to hear your experiences as well.
Where:   Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake Street, Toowoomba.
Cost:       $5.00
RSVP:      4 March to or phone Michele on 0423858059.

Please bring along some homemade or homegrown items for the swap table if you are able. Also if you have any sewing patterns you would like to share with others please bring them along as well. 

At this stage Margy will also be doing a RESEW2020 workshop in September so if you would like to join in with her as she tackles textile waste you can read more on her website Simple Slow Still.  Just click on the link above. 

Then in April, Racheal from Birdsong Market Garden will be teaching us about DIY cleaning and personal products. Details are below:

DIY Cleaning/Personal Products

Date:     4 April
Time:    10-12 noon
What:    A big part of homesteading, reducing your toxic load and reducing your household waste is learning to make your own cleaning and personal products. In April we'll be demonstrating how to make some of the more common products you use around the home:

Laundry Powder, Kitchen Spray, Window Cleaner, Scouring Powder, Boot Polish, Toilet Cleaner, air freshener, Sunblock, Oil Cleanser, Lip Balm, Moisturiser, Insect Repellent, Oil Perfume, DIY Tinctures and how to encapsulate your own supplements.

Where:   Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake Street, Wilsonton, Toowoomba
Cost:       $5
RSVP:      1 April to or 
                 phone Michele on 0423858059

Please note that the 4th April is the first Saturday of the school holidays just in case you are planning on going away. 

Both these workshops are going to be very popular so make sure you book in so we know you are coming along. 

The rain is easing off now and today I started the mammoth job of pulling out weeds while the soil is soft. This is going to take some time as there are so many weeds growing after days of rain but I am not complaining about the much needed rain. It is nice to see the dahlias starting to flower again as they didn't do well at all last year due to the drought and heat.

I only realised today when I was cutting some roses that it is Valentine's Day. I know it is just another day to a lot of people but I also know it emphasises their loneliness for some people. So if you are one of the latter I send you big hugs and hope you have some friends around you to let you know how much you are appreciated. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds like two wonderful workshops, Chel.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Thanks Nil. Yes I am looking forward to these workshops.

  3. The simple living workshops always sound so interesting and inspiring; to have a resource like that in the community that people can attend and learn from others. Lovely roses from your garden. MegXx

  4. Meg, we have already covered so many topics that it is hard to find something new :-) However there is always someone new who wants to learn another skill so sometimes we repeat workshops.

  5. I’m keen to start simple living workshops in my town & a friend has offered to help. Not looking at starting until July. Chel I’d like to give you a call sometime to have a chat to you about it if that’s OK. We have a venue so that’s a start.

  6. Lyn, just ring me anytime. My number is in the blog post. If I don't answer just send a text and I will get back to you.

  7. I've been pulling weeds from the soft soil too. My dahlias will be a while longer before they flower but looking healthy this year.

  8. Dear Nana Chel,
    The DIY cleaning and personal products sounds good to me.I am ok with cleaning products but would like to learn more personal products. If I was near by I would be at many of these workshops! My gaol is spinning this year and crocheting my own yarn and dying some with natural dyes. But I am up for learning many more things as well! With love,


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