Monday, 13 September 2021

More Carnival Flowers

We have been having some very warm days here so last Friday a friend and I took a look at Laurel Bank Park before the weekend crowds arrived in town. The 2021 Carnival of Flowers theme in the park is 'I See a Dinosaur'.  

I noticed there didn't seem to be as many tulips planted this year for some reason but those that were flowering already were beautiful. 

However, there were plenty of other flowers to appreciate regardless. 

The Wisteria Arbour is looking beautiful as usual and is a cool place to sit down on these warm days in the mid 20sC. 

Some of the foxgloves and hollyhocks haven't opened up fully as yet. Last year I asked the gardeners when they were planted and they said in March so I planted my seeds in March but this year a gardener in Queens Park said they plant seedlings in March so I will have to get started earlier next year. 

I found it fascinating watching how the gardeners weed the gardens....

....thankfully they didn't see me taking a photo of them. LOL!

This coming weekend is a big weekend here in our city as the Grand Parade will commence at 10am on Saturday the 18th. There are a number of events on including a Craft Show at the Showgrounds which should be fun. I am interested in the Bromeliad and Succulent Show which is on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I want to replace some of the Bromeliads I lost in the heavy frost we had a few weeks ago. 

Also the Exhibition Gardens are open from the 17th-26th September and the Chronicle Garden Competition gardens are open the next two weekends as well. 

There are so many events on it is hard to work out which ones to go to but if you intend to visit Toowoomba then check out the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers website for all details. 

Also the annual Handmade Under the Stars at the Cobb and Co Museum is on at the end of November so I have heard although I can't find it advertised as yet and also the Bush Christmas Exhibition will be held from the 24th November to 3rd December at a new venue near the old one which is the Empire Church Theatre. 

I realise we are very fortunate we are not in lockdown like our southern neighbours and we can attend these events. Have a wonderful week wherever you are!


  1. The flowers are all so pretty and so interesting the men on the planks weeding...makes perfect sense doesn't it. Have a good week.

    1. I was surprised to see the gardeners on the planks to be honest. They do such a great job.

  2. Beautiful Michelle. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    We are no longer in lockdown but still not allowed to cross the border into Qld ☹️

    1. Lyn, I sometimes wonder when life will get back to normal and we are free to move interstate once again.

  3. It all looks so beautiful, Chel! That’s genius though, using the planks for weeding! I have had a hollyhock seedling planted out for the last two years. Hopefully this year she’ll stop sulking and produce something๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’š

    1. Jennie, I have one hollyhock that is just about to flower. I did plant some black ones so I am keen to see what colours they are.

  4. What a hive of activity Toowoomba has been Chel. Unfortunately we haven't been to Toowoomba for ages but love seeing your photos. The Wisteria and the hollyhocks are just beautiful.


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