Wednesday 27 March 2024

Autumn is upon us!

It seems that just a few weeks ago here in Queensland we were complaining about the heat and humidity. However in the last week or so the temperatures have changed dramatically and we found ourselves having to dig out our winter clothes to keep warm. 

Mind you, I think most of us are grateful for the cooler weather even though the days are rainy and foggy. This morning I met up with some friends one of which has a beautiful Exhibition Garden during the annual Carnival of Flowers. She showed me a couple of photos of her beautiful dahlias that are growing in her exquisite garden. 

Aren't they beautiful flowers? 

Equally beautiful are these huge dahlias which were recently decorating the tables at the wonderful cafe here in town which is called 95 Mary Street.  Do check it out if you are ever visiting Toowoomba.

Back to my friend's Exhibition Garden, I took a few photos of various features she has in her area where she welcomes guests. I just love the chandeliers which I think are from Op Shops. 

There are also lamps....

...and various birdcages. So if you are inspired by her garden keep an eye out at the Op Shops like she does. 

My garden isn't all that wonderful as I don't have a green thumb but I recently asked the gardener to buy me some scented and colourful freesias as all of the ones we have growing are cream. So he brought these home and I hope they grow well which they should do here with our cool winters. 

Not only do I have friends who are great gardeners but I also know very creative ladies one of whom we met this morning. Neralie used to be a workshop presenter at our Simple Living Group when we used to meet up and she brought along her latest project to inspire us. This is Kawandi Quilting which I had never heard of before but it is all hand sewn. It looks very interesting I must say. It only took her a day to make this. 

I am still plodding along with making my sourdough in the breadmaker using Elly's instructions. It doesn't go brown on the top but once it is toasted it doesn't matter. I make a loaf in the evening once a week and then slice it the next day before putting it in the freezer. I then put a slice in the toaster for lunch with my usual cashew cheese and home grown tomato. What can I say...I am a creature of habit!

I hope everyone is keeping well and happy and do be careful if you will be on the roads over Easter. It is a wonderful time of the year and I have many happy memories of Easter when I was growing up. We had lots of church activities before Easter Sunday but I can't remember much about Easter eggs as Easter wasn't about chocolate etc. in those days but I think we may have been given one candy egg which we used to crush.  There were no banks etc. open for the four days and it seems like another lifetime when I look on those days. Such a different world!


  1. I love the dahlias and am planning to put more in my garden this year. We had a garden show in Kandos a week ago and I was surprised to see chandeliers in the tree in one garden. Freesias are one of my favourite flowers, we too just have the cream ones which are not all the showy but do still have that wonderful perfume.

    I have been thinking about old style Easter too. We used to spend the whole weekend in church activities and I have lovely memories of those times. Harvest festival is another thing from old time church that I loved.

    1. That garden show would have been fantastic. I would love to have seen it. Chel

  2. Amen Chel! I'm having to deliberately slow down and stop rushing. I stop and think of his grace and I'm at peace again. It's great to see you still experimenting with making sourdough. It's getting cooler now to bake. Have you tried an air-fryer? They can do just about anything, lol.

    1. Chris, Marg swears by her air fryer but so far I haven’t bought one. I believe they are fantastic though. I don’t think I have room to store one though. Chel

  3. Such beautiful photos, Chel and i love the lamps and birdcages in your friend's garden. Have you making cashew cheese spread at home? Though nuts are rather expensive so it's probably not a money saver. Big love to you both, coffeee Sue xxx

    1. Thanks Sue. No I buy the cashew cheese at the farmers' market. The nuts are certainly very expensive.


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