Monday, 10 June 2013

Finnish Sima (lemon drink) and Pulla (cinnamon /cardamom rolls) demonstration

On Saturday our Simple Living Group was treated to a demonstration on how to make Finnish pulla (cinnamon/cardamom rolls). As there wasn't time to make both pulla and sima (lemon drink) our lovely presenter brought along some sima for us to taste. Sima is a very popular drink in summer in her homeland of Finland. It is made with lemons, beer, yeast, sultanas, sugar and water.

Another popular Finnish food is pulla or cinnamon rolls. Due to time restraints she brought along the ready-made dough.

Then it was:

...rolled out
...spread with butter
...sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
...rolled up into a log
...cut into triangular pieces
 ...put on trays, allowed to rise then basted with egg

...baked in a hot oven for 10 minutes
...and eaten for afternoon tea!
Warm pulla is very yummy especially on a cold winter's day.  If anyone is interested in making some, an updated recipe will be available soon as a few steps were left out of the recipe we were given due to having been typed late at night! Can anyone relate to that?


  1. YUM!!

    Love your blog Nanna Chel :)

    Re your question on my blog. Just two granny squares to make the little tea cosy. And chain stitch for the ties :) I am going to try another tea cosy using little granny's like I used on the hot water bottle cosy. Should look cute :)


  2. Thanks Tania. I did read your response on your blog on my phone earlier in the day. I might make a similar tea cosy for my little teapot. I love all your crochet not to mention your fabulous garden.


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