Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Swap goodies!

At our Simple Living Group morning tea last Saturday we enjoyed a cup of coffee with the straight from the oven hot pulla which I wrote about in my last post. While we were chatting we all chose what we would like to take home from the swap. We can bring up to five items to swap and take that many items home. Even though there weren't as many people there as there usually are as it was a long weekend, we still had a good variety of items to choose from.


I brought along some fabric, lemon balm and galangal. A lot of people aren't familiar with galangal and I didn't even know what it was until I saw a YouTube video in which galangal, turmeric and lemongrass were used in Beef Rendang.  Apparently it is part of the ginger family and, according to a Google search, has a citrusy, earthy aroma with hints of pine flavour. Seeing as I haven't tasted it as yet, I can't vouch for that but I hope to make some Beef Rendang soon, so will see how tasty it is. We also have turmeric and lemongrass growing so I have no excuse for not making that recipe. 
Margy made her 4 minute brownies.

There were avocados and beautifully made pot holders as well as bottles of macramé beads. 
These morning teas and swaps are very enjoyable and it is a great time to exchange ideas as well as to swap produce and home made items. Do you have a simple living group in your town?


  1. NC, if I was not so lazy and I really hate driving, it would be lovely to visit your group. One Day this will happen, it all sounds so good.

  2. Deb, you would be most welcome. Mooretaste from the DTE forum came a couple of times and I think she would like to come again so perhaps you could come together as you probably don't live too far away from each other. I know what you mean about the driving!

  3. Your blog is looking fantastic....

  4. I love your swap. what a great idea!!!

  5. Elablue, the swaps are great and there is always a lot of variety to choose from.

    Vikki, thanks for your nice comment!


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