Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Check out this concoction!

Recently I discovered that we had turmeric and galangal growing down the back as hubby has the habit of putting plants in and then forgetting about them, so I was surprised when I told him I would like to buy these two plants to hear that they had already been growing there for a year or so. Obviously I didn't know what the foliage of the plants looked like!


Mind you, I don't think the galangal will look like that much longer as I doubt it will like the frosts which are forecast. Also, I would be interested if anyone could identify our type of galangal which has pinky red flowers as most of the galangal I could find online has white flowers.
Anyway, I thought I would do a search online to find out how to use these plants and came across the most entertaining and informative YouTube videos by Jeff and his wife who live at Buderim in Queensland. He is the most unpretentious person and it is really worthwhile and interesting having a look at his videos as he plants, harvests and then cooks up a storm.
As it is flu season I thought that the Lemongrass and Turmeric Tea he makes would be a great immune booster and it is quite a concoction. We have lemongrass growing as well as the turmeric and galangal used in the recipe but our ginger isn't ready to use yet so I will have to buy that from the fruit shop. Have a look at what young Jeff cooks up....

Jeff's lemongrass and turmeric tea
One of our favourite immune boosters is from naturopath, Sandi Rogers who often gives her health tips on ABC radio:

500mls of strong black tea
                                              Add 1 lemon finely sliced (plus peel)                                              
1/2 orange finely sliced (plus peel)
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
Allow to steep and drink warm over the day.
Reheat by adding a small amount of hot water
You can learn more about treating lingering coughs and fighting the flu as well as other health tips on her website .

On the odd occasion that hubby succumbs to the flu he takes the following concoction which always produces a good result:
                                                 Crush 2 cloves of garlic into a mug and add
                                                           1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
                                                   Juice of lemon and 1/3 of its rind (grated)
                                                       1/4 teaspoon finely chopped hot chilli
                                                                       1 tablespoon honey
Fill mug with near-boiling water and drink all when cool enough.
GO STRAIGHT TO BED...wearing absorbent PJs!!! Believe me, you will sweat it out!
Next day eat parsley for the resultant bad breath!





  1. Hi Nanna Chel,

    Great minds think alike! I made some ginger, lemon and black tea yesterday - I'd read somewhere that the ginger warms you up inside. I'd been feeling cold all day on Sunday and didn't want to go there again. I may have another today.

    Have a good day.
    Regards, Barb

    1. Barb, wasn't it bitterly cold? I am not sure how many hot drinks I had to try and warm up. I must buy some ginger soon and will be pleased when we can harvest ours. It was 1.7 degrees at 7am this morning!


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