Monday, 24 June 2013

Off to the market!

We arrived safely and didn't get lost for a change. There weren't a lot of cars on the road until we reached Beerwah and then there was the usual heavy flow of traffic into Caloundra. When the children were little we always had a competition to see who could 'see the sea first' when we came over the hill into Caloundra. As we have holidayed here for many years I have fond memories of this beautiful area and now that my grandchildren have holidayed here as well there are more happy memories stored away in this nanna's heart.

Caloundra is well known for its Sunday markets which are varied and interesting and well attended by visiting tourists. It is always nice to see some unique items for sale which aren't available in the large stores which seem to have the same stock regardless of which store you visit across the country.

 The lovely girl from Everything Pretty always has lovely handmade hair accessories and I usually buy a little gift for my granddaughters from her.

 The German Sausage ladies were rushed off their feet and their sausages were so popular I don't think they had time to take a breath all morning.

There are always clever musicians at these markets who captivate the attention of passing tourists.
There was plenty of local produce for sale.

Scarves were very popular with the cool wind coming from the sea.

This girl earned every dollar she made.
If you ever visit the Sunshine Coast in Queensland do include a visit to Caloundra on your itinerary as it is a beautiful holiday destination and has great beaches for families especially those who have little children.



  1. Hi Nanna Chel,

    Caloundra is just a lovely place at this time of year. When we want a break at the beach that's where we head too staying at Sails on Landsborough Pde at Golden Beach. The markets are always a danger for me! Have a great holiday.

    1. Barb, the markets are certainly a danger! I think the local produce stalls and the german sausage stall were doing the best business.

  2. Hi Nanna Chel,
    I used to live there! Just around the corner in Leeding Terrace. I'd go to those markets to buy my fruit and veges as they were much cheaper than the shops. The place is a lovely laid back area and I liked the slow paced main street too.

  3. Shiralee, we aren't staying far from Leeding Terrace and walk there every day. I just love this area as it is so beautiful and I think it is still a lot quieter than further up the coast.


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