Saturday, 22 June 2013

Natural pest control workshop coming up.

We have a great Simple Living group here in Toowoomba which I have mentioned before and our coordinator, Margy, has just sent me the programme for July and August and I am very interested in the natural pest control workshop which will be held in August. The topics which will be discussed are 'The Principles of Organic Growing, 'Organic Pest and Disease Control' and 'Healthy Soil'. It will be a hands-on workshop and we will be making sprays etc. One of the ladies who attends our group and who has a very productive garden will be running the workshop.

If anyone in the region would like to attend the workshop or needs more information about the group you can contact Margy here. You can also download the programme for July and August on that website.

We are off to the Sunny Coast today and it looks like we will actually see some sunshine as the forecast is for sunny weather for a few days which will be nice after the cold and miserable day it has been today. Last year when we went to the beach during the winter holidays it was freezing and rained all week and, as I had the misconceived idea that it was warm there in June, I had packed summer clothes and ended up joining the line-up of tourists at the River's sale where the jackets and warm clothes were just walking out of the shop. So I am prepared this time...the thermals have been packed as well as warm jackets and a beanie!

I avoid the main highway and we drive on a much quieter road through the beautiful Ravensbourne forest and eventually, when we drive past Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, I know I am on the right road. I do have a tendency to get lost on the way there and one year I took the wrong turn and ended up in Woodford. I pulled into a service station and asked someone if I should turn back as I wanted to go to Caloundra and he said 'You're right Mate, just keep going and you will come onto the road to the beach'. He didn't tell me that that road was the motorway and I got such a shock to find myself on it. There is no meandering along looking at the scenery on that motorway!
Are you holidaying anywhere these school holidays? If so, I hope you stay safe on the roads and have an enjoyable holiday when you reach your destination.



  1. Hi Nanna Chel,

    You are very fortunate to have such a group near you. I had a look at the website & blog; the group has had some very interesting speakers and activities.

    Kind regards,

    1. Yes Barb, it is a great group and Margy has a knack for organising interesting workshops. I will definitely be attending the Natural Pest Control workshop. Enjoy Tassie!


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