Saturday, 13 July 2013

Caramel Popcorn Demonstration

As is the norm, we had a great morning tea, swap and demonstration at our Simple Living Toowoomba  group catch-up today.

 One of the ladies gave a demonstration of how she makes her Caramel Popcorn and, as it was so yummy,  I ate a whole bag of it on the way home after the meeting. 
This recipe is not for those who are trying to lose weight  and if you are I would suggest that you turn away now! 
Sorry about the line down the middle in the recipe but, seeing as I ate too much caramel popcorn before and my blood sugar level has now dropped, I was too lazy to write the recipe out so scanned it instead!

 Line the base of your dish and then add the popping corn to a saucepan in which you have heated the oil, listen to the popping and then put the popped corn in the dish until cool.

Add the other ingredients and bring to the boil.

Boil for ten minutes then set aside till the bubbles subside.

Pour over the cooled popcorn and spread through till it is completely coated and then cool.

When cooled, break into shards, eat and then do a 30 minute workout!

As usual we had quite a variety of items to swap including eggs, fresh vegies and soap.  

 Here are my swap avocado, fennel, sweet potato, caramel popcorn and vanilla chai goat's milk soap. what to do with the fennel? I can feel another Google search coming on when my blood sugar level is back to normal!


  1. That popcorn looks wicked! You are very fortunate to have such a group near you. Is a 4 hour round trip too long to attend one do you think?

  2. Yes, the popcorn is very wicked Barb. Actually I felt quite unwell after eating so much of it. Serves me right! I must admit the simple living group is just great. Regarding the four hour round trip...well you could spend a relaxing weekend in the Garden City and spend Saturday morning at the morning tea/swap or at one of the workshops. Then spend some time looking at the gorgeous gardens in our parks and then drive out to Highfields and check out the many cafes, patchwork shop, etc. out there. Only 10 minutes from town. Sounds like a plan. LOL!


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