Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Decluttering challenge!

What have I done? I couldn't help myself yesterday when I read about Rhonda's Decluttering Challenge. So I have signed up for the month of August.


Here is the plan:

On the first day, which was yesterday....Monday...I had to find five items I wasn't using and put them into one of two boxes, either the Op Shop Box or the Family Box. As I had items I wanted to give my girl and already was sending a box up to her with the Rag Quilt in it, I added five items from the Family Box and off they went in the Greyhound coach. I had been intending to do that for some time so was pleased that I had stopped procrastinating about doing it.

                                             Parcel ready for a long trip to NW Queensland

Today and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will select one item I don't need on each of those days and add it to the Op Shop box.  This will be done each week until the end of August and then the box will go to the Op Shop bin and hopefully I won't replace those items with something else that isn't useful.

Depending on what I find lurking in the cupboards I declutter, I may be able to give some items away on Freecycle which we are members of.

So, has anyone else who reads Rhonda's blog signed up for the challenge? I started doing this at the beginning of the year but got lost along the way...probably in all the clutter! LOL! I won't talk about hubby's clutter. That's another story entirely!








  1. Hi Nanna, Your husband must be friends with mine! ha ha. Still, they don't have clutter, they have very important and useful gear! Good luck with the challenge, I will be trying to participate, but on the edges (tinkering?)

  2. Barb, I have tried to get him to get rid of the clutter but he won't so I will just go through my stuff at the moment and see what I can pass on to the Op Shop. I think there are a few men who feel the same about getting rid of 'stuff' that might come in handy one day and you can be sure that if I do toss something of his that he will be looking for it the next day as he needs to use it. Funny that!

  3. Oh good luck to you, since we moved out of our home of 27 years so recently I have managed to keep the clutter away pretty well - not because I am so organized but because I was so embarrassed at the things we found in the nooks and crannies! I simply refuse to give my hubby and children that kind of amusement again! ;)

  4. I am also in the process of decluttering the only problem is once I get rid of a lot of stuff I buy more lol!!!!!!!!! Have fun x


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