Saturday, 10 August 2013

Happy little vegemites!

Well, the Greyhound coach safely delivered the box of goodies to my granddaughters a couple of days ago and I would say, judging by the photo below, that they both like their rag quilts.

I had made Miss Three a quilt for her birthday a couple of months ago and the squares in that one were 5 or 6 inches so there was a bit more work in hers because there were more squares to cut out and sew. 

It was a lighter quilt as I used a cotton and polyester blend fabric with flannelette for the top and bottom and polyester blend fabric for the middle layer.

I found that the polyester didn't go 'raggy' like the cotton did despite putting the quilt in the washing machine and dryer a couple of times. So for the next quilt I looked around for some patterned flannelette and it was good timing as the winter fabrics were coming into the shops at that time.
Miss Four's quilt was made with 10 inch squares of flannelette which made the process a little quicker than the first quilt even though Nanna still procrastinated with getting it finished. As there is no binding on these quilts they are a good item to start with if you are considering making a quilt as they are very forgiving, especially for people who are straight-lined challenged like me! :)



  1. Two very cosy little girls! They obviously love their quilts from Nanna.

  2. Yes Shirley, it looks that way. :)

  3. Aren't they a pair of tricks all snuggled up? I love it - straight line challenged. I would very easily fall into that category. Great job, obviously appreciated.

  4. They are cuties I must admit. The quilt has a few crooked seams in it but fortunately once they get 'raggy' you don't really notice them unless you go looking. Ha ha!

  5. What a beautiful picture. Such contentment in their little faces x

  6. aw they look so sweet. lovely and cosy and content. I have a blanket that my granny knit me (I think I was in my 20's when she gave me it) so I've had it a few years (46 now!) and I love it. It's so snuggly. Lovely gifts for the girls.

  7. Girls and their pink. Lovely quilts.


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