Saturday, 24 August 2013

Watersaver gardens

When we visited the Toowoomba Gardenfest event this year, we were quite interested in the Watersaver Gardens which were on display there. As our area had been in drought for many years before the floods hit a couple of years ago, we had become very conscious of how much water we were using on our garden and we are still keen on finding new ways to save on our water usage as our water rates have increased.

So today we had a look at the various sizes of gardens which are built by Alan Singleton in Toowoomba and we bought one which we will be picking up next week. There is the option of having Alan install the garden or buying the kit and doing it yourself.
Alan was interviewed on WIN TV a while back and you can check out the video on his website. There is also an explanation there about how the wicking bed system works.

The gardens save water by using a reservoir system, so plants draw water up through the roots as needed. You only have to check the water level once a month and don't have to worry about daily watering. Sounds good to me!


The gardens are available in a variety of sizes and can also be custom built like the ones below.



I had intended to buy the double height garden so that I wouldn't have to bend to do the weeding but little weeding is required with these gardens so settled for the standard one instead.
Have you seen these before? Check out Alan's Watersaver Gardens if you would like to learn more.
They are a great idea!



  1. These types of garden beds are very successful Nanna Chel. We made six wicking beds ourselves, and the veggies do really well in them.

    The bottom link didn't work for me :)


  2. Thanks for that, Tania. I think it is fixed now. We are having a discussion about the gardens on the DTE forum and someone mentioned that you had made the wicking beds. We do miss you there.


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