Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Walk in the Park!

This morning my sister and I took a walk through one of our city's most beautiful gardens, Queens Park Gardens. Toowoomba is gearing up for the annual Carnival of Flowers and the flowers in all our parks, and in many private gardens, are resplendent. We have had temperatures recently which have been well above average and consequently the gardens are already in full-bloom but our expert Parks and Gardens staff are well experienced and will have the displays looking stunning for the next couple of weeks. In the past they have dealt with storms, drought, floods, vandalism, late frosts and early heat but they never fail to keep the thousands of visitors captivated by the beauty of the displays they have created.

You can tell by the spider webs on the sign that we haven't had rain for quite a while. :-) That said, I will let the flowers speak for themselves!







Aren't the blooms just lovely? If you are able to visit our 'Garden City' as it is called, the Carnival begins on the 20th September with the Food and Wine Festival. Jerry Coleby-Williams from Gardening Australia will be giving a gardening demonstration at this event. The Floral Parade will be held on Saturday the 21st and starts at 3pm this year.

There are many other parks to visit so allow yourself plenty of time. To avoid the crowds plan your visit before the Carnival actually starts although I don't think the private gardens will be open at that stage but there still is plenty to see.
We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of Australia!


  1. What a delightful set of photos!!! There is nothing more lovely than flowers in full bloom.

  2. Beautiful time of year in Toowoomba. Have not been to a carnival for quite awhile. Park plantings look great.

  3. Aren't they colourful. Hopefully this bit of rain coming through today will freshen things up a bit for this weekend.

  4. Barb, we are just having drizzle at the moment and hopefully will get some decent rain today. It is just so very dry. We are never happy are we as it is either too wet or too dry? :-)

  5. Thank you so much for your beautiful photos. We were up in Toowoomba last weekend for our youngest's uni graduation. She lives a couple of blocks away from the lovely Queens Park and we went for a walk through all the beautiful gardens and I took photos.
    So it was lovely to look at your photos and see the same gardens one week on. I'll show hubby when he comes home. Ta

  6. You're welcome. I don't think my photos do the flowers justice as I am still fiddling with settings on my camera.

    It is drizzling at present so the gardens in all our parks will be very appreciative after all the hot weather.

  7. Lovely photos Chel, thanks for sharing them! :)

  8. How lovely, and you didnt have to drive to Floriade in Canberra to see them. Im a bit late!


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