Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Watch out for the maggies! Another walk in the park.

As it is a beautiful sunny day today I had a walk through another one of our many parks which are being prepared for the Carnival of Flowers which starts on Friday. I thought I would visit the park before the crowds arrived but obviously others had the same idea and there were already a couple of tour buses parked outside when we arrived. We were greeted at the entrance by a sign I must admit I haven't seen before. It is a warning sign that there are magpies nesting in the area which could swoop if they thought their babies were in danger and for visitors to be cautious when walking through the park. Mind you, I didn't see any magpies at all during the whole time we were there.

This park is Laurel Bank Park and it has been set out differently from Queens Park which we visited a few days ago. It is a short walk from one of our major shopping centres, Grand Central. All our parks have unique attributes and are well worth visiting if you are ever in our beautiful city.
As we commenced our walk we were greeted by a bunny hiding behind the poppies...
...who is sharing a garden with what I imagine is a dinosaur...
and they were both a bit cautious about that spider behind them.
We turned the corner and there was a teddy peering out from behind more beautiful poppies.
Then there was mother duck...
... and her babies.
My granddaughters will love these photos of Thomas the Tank. We said hello to Thomas....
...Thomas looked very happy to be living in the park....
..and had several carriages for weary travellers to rest.
Then we climbed up to the viewing platform where you can look out onto all the gardens and, if you know how to use your camera properly, you can take some nice photos. Unfortunately, I haven't read all the instructions for using my camera to its full advantage :-)

From the viewing platform we looked down onto a garden of pansies which spelt out 'A Long Time Ago' and there were several gardens planted according to this theme.... of them being this garden featuring a Pharaoh.
At the base of the viewing platform a scary caterpillar was waiting....
....which had the skinniest of legs and the shiniest of boots!



 Lots of parsley was incorporated into the gardens in both the parks I visited and it makes a colourful show amongst the pansies.

 We passed the hard-working and friendly Parks and Gardens staff who are keeping  the gardens looking fresh in readiness for the thousands of visitors during the coming week.

On our way out of the park we walked through this lovely rest area where you can stop and have a sit-down during your visit.....

and just look up and enjoy the flowering wisteria which never fails to impress.
Aren't we blessed to live in such a wonderful country where we can enjoy the beauty of nature as it is meant to be enjoyed?


  1. What a lovely day to visit such a colourful display. I especially like the wisteria arbour. Maybe next year ....

    1. Barb, I couldn't think of the word 'arbour'. Thanks for that. It is beautiful I must admit.

  2. Beautiful Mum, the girls will love the Thomas the Tank Engine! Forgot what green grass looks like!

    1. I thought they would like Thomas! Plenty of green grass around here :-) I should bring some with me next week.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. Looks like you had a wonderful timex

  4. Yes, it is a beautiful park. I just passed it on the way home from work and it was full of visitors enjoying the flowers. I like this park because it is a little 'quirky' and not as formal as the Queens Park Gardens.

  5. I forgot to mention it is me in the picture on my blog. My hair has been that colour for about 15 years!!!!!!!! Have a great week -end x


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