Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Quiet Book

Well...I had a good trip to Mt.Isa in the QANTAS plane and watched Happy Feet 2 on the way up. I had to have the volume up very high to hear the sound above the roar of the engines and was hoping that I wasn't laughing out loud as it was such a funny movie and not at all one which children would understand like most children's movies these days. The jokes would just go over their heads I am sure. The plane arrived on the tarmac in 38 degree heat and after a short walk across that warm surface I was greeted by my two little granddaughters and their mum and dad. It was lovely to see them again and I am always amazed at how much they grow in six months. I had intended to take some photos of this dry mining town but it is much too hot to be out of the aircon to take them so instead I took some photos of the Quiet Book I made for the girls a while back as I know there are a lot of nannas out there who would like to make one for their grandchildren.

 Before making the Quiet Book I did a lot of searching on the internet and found a great site which was very helpful. However, since that time Pinterest has come on the scene so I am sure there are many variations of Quiet Books there so you could take your pick which pages you choose to make.

The first page was the flowers in a basket page with button-on reversible felt flowers. I will post the rest of the photos randomly and not in the order they are in the book as I am short of time.

This is the abacus page. I wouldn't make this one again as the rows stretch and also they get caught up at times with buttons etc. if the pages are taken out to be played with individually.

Then there is the braiding page complete with clips to put in the plait.

I am sure children enjoy putting the dog's collar on and attaching the lead.

I made two dress up dolls for each of the girls and they have velcro sewn on to their bodies which the felt clothes attach to quite nicely.

The felt clothes live in in this cute pocket.

Of course we have to have food so this is the outside of the fridge which opens up to show...

... the pockets inside where a sandwich and cupcakes are lurking.
This is the plate on the other side which is made out of felt.
Anyone for a sandwich?
This is the second dress-up doll....
complete with laundry basket and clothes line!
The shapes page where the children match the shape and clip it on.
Lastly, I made a page where the girls can post a letter to nanna.

On the opposite page there is a pocket for their notes and miscellaneous items which children collect.

I agonised a bit over how to make the cover but eventually settled for the above. On the inside cover I sewed buttonholes which the clips holding the pages together attach to. I also added handles to make it easier to carry which is a help with small children.
I took forever to get around to making it as they do take time but I feel they are worth the effort and perhaps can be handed down to the next generation.
Have you made a Quiet Book or is it on your 'To Do' list?


  1. I have looked at these for a while ... just need the time!! I love the dolls and clothes:)

    1. They are quite lovely, aren't they Shirley? I enjoyed making the dolls in particular.

  2. Oh my, what a wonderful, love-filled present. I immediately have put it on my to do list.
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    Enjoy your days with your darlings.


    1. I am enjoying being with the girls and have been doing some sewing with Miss Four today. What fun!

  3. This is the first time I have seen this idea but I know one little girl in particular who will be having this as a Chridtmas pressie ~ Enjoy your time with your family x

  4. It's beautiful and there's so much to do in it. You are very talented! My boys would have loved books like those when they were younger. I bet they would be fantastic for long or short journeys.

  5. O wow this looks just adorable & so much work has been put into making this. I'm sure your granddaughters love this & will be a wonderful keepsake. Your a very talented lady that's for sure


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