Monday, 21 October 2013

Now that's why you need to wear your glasses!!!

I felt like a goose today. I had rung Isabell Shipard's herb farm on Friday with an enquiry about the Sprout and Vegetable Sauerkraut which I had made recently and, seeing as I found myself talking to Isabell herself, I asked her about the Brahmi plant as I wasn't sure that the plant we had growing and thought was Brahmi was actually the real deal. She asked me to send her a photo so that she could identify the plant.

I bought the plant some months ago and it was growing slowly during winter then we had a couple of frosts which I don't think the Brahmi liked so we put it under cover to protect it till the frosts were over. I didn't take a lot of notice of it there but it seemed to be growing alright.
Then the warmer weather came along at the end of a mild winter and the next thing I knew the plant had all these clusters of pink flowers on it and I was very excited as I wanted to start using it as is good for the memory apparently. Any help in that department is appreciated these days.
Then hubby came inside with an identical plant with pink flowers that he had found out in the garden somewhere and said that he didn't think we had Brahmi growing anymore. So I took some photos and sent them to Isabell and she replied today that it wasn't Brahmi as the flowers don't grow in clusters like that and she referred me to her herb book which I bought recently and sure enough our plant didn't look like the photo in her book.
So then I put my glasses on and pulled out the pretty clusters of pink flowers and what did I find languishing beneath....the poor Brahmi!

 There isn't a lot left but Isabell said to put some liquid seaweed or something similar on it now and to apply it weekly.

This photo was taken when we first planted it months ago so it looks like it is back to square one with getting it to grow. Hopefully it likes the warm weather and will thrive.
I did feel silly sending a photo of goodness knows what to Isabell! Hopefully she had a laugh but I have learned my lesson and from now on I will put my glasses on when I am trying to identify plants.
I can recommend Isabell's herb farm for anyone wanting to buy seeds or herbs and I have just ordered some Gotu Kola which apparently helps with the pain caused by arthritis, Pennyroyal which deters ants, flies and fleas and Soapwort which I want to try out as it has detergent qualities.  
Glasses are annoying to wear but they do come in handy sometimes! :-)


  1. Oh dear! I hope it survives. My Brahmi didn't last year as we had a really hot spell and it likes moisture. I also want to grow Gotu Kola. A herbalist identified it growing in the next paddock but when I went back again to find it, I couldn't.

    Isabell's books and information are quite amazing, and detailed. Well worth having.

    1. Goodness me, I didn't realise it didn't like too much heat. Hubby has got it growing in an old wheelbarrow and it may be better in the ground if it needs to be kept moist. Pity about the Gotu Kola. You can always buy some for $5 from Isabell's herb farm. The postage is $15 though for up to five plants so it is better to buy a few more plants as well.

  2. At least you're not like me, having to have 2 sets of glasses - the 2nd pair to find the other pair I've put down somewhere:-)
    Hope the Brahmi survives. I had Gota Kola thriving a week ago, but despite daily watering, the heat got it. Hopefully it'll be back when it rains.
    Also my Sprout and Herb books from Isabel's Herb Farm arrived last week. Very happy with them.


    1. Maddie, I keep my prescription reading glasses at work because if I left them at home I wouldn't be able to see the computer screen. Then I have lots of glasses from the $2 shops in each room! :-) I believe I am not the only one. LOL!

      Enjoy Isabell's books. I am tossing up whether to buy the 'Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods' book or the new DVDs of the same name.

  3. Hope the Brahmi picks up for you after fertilising. I guess the plant has more light now so should take off nicely and yes glasses do come in handy for the semi blind ;)

    1. Tania, I am off work tomorrow so will give the Brahmi some TLC....with my glasses on of course. Ha ha!

  4. Always good for a giggle Nanna Chel. Hope the Brahmi comes good again :)

  5. It likes the little bit of rain we had today but tomorrow it is getting the seaweed liquid medicine! :-)


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