Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to make a quick and easy potholder!

Last year the Down to Earth forum had a potholder swap between members and, even though I had never made a potholder before, I signed up! Easy peasy!!! I mean how hard could it be to sew a potholder?  Well...unfortunately I am straight-line challenged as I have mentioned before and had great difficulty finishing off the potholder with bias binding to make the end result look neat and tidy. I must have spent a small fortune making and discarding questionable looking potholders and, in desperation, scoured the internet for a quick and easy pattern. After much exhaustive searching I came across a YouTube video with easy instructions for a potholder which was just what I was looking for and which could even be made by a beginner. I had a few practice runs though.

This was my first attempt. It was a little wonky but I persisted and eventually produced...
...two presentable potholders. They looked even better after they were ironed. :-) These were sent to my swap partner in the US and fortunately for me she was a skilled quilter who sent me a gorgeous pair of potholders which were almost too nice to use. Sadly she wasn't as fortunate though.

These potholders are made using 10 inch squares of fabric.

To make them heatproof I used Insul-Bright between layers of fabric as well as...

...wool wadding. Some of the clever Down to Earth members used old blankets instead. As well as watching the YouTube video you can download the potholder instructions here.
On Shirlwin's Sessions, Shirley made some coasters using a similar method....
...and on Pat's Patter, Pat has given detailed instructions for these coasters if you would like to sew up some quick gifts which would be ideal for Christmas or birthdays.
As there are still 7 weeks till Christmas you have plenty of time to make these potholders or coasters to give as gifts. More and more people are starting to appreciate the time and effort put into making something handmade which is unique and made with love. 


  1. Nanna Chel,
    These look lovely. An old blanket would be the way to be thrifty with these too as the proper batting/wadding does cost.

    1. Shiralee, yes it would be much cheaper I must admit. I wasn't sure it would be heat resistant though so I bought the Insul-Bright just to be on the safe side.

  2. gorgeous and I had to laugh when I read "questionable looking pot-holders" Giggles again!

    1. Ha ha Sue, some were very 'questionable'. I hope my swap partner didn't end up feeling too disappointed. :-)

  3. Your 'wonky' one looks pretty good too, Nanna Chel. Great ideas.

    1. Maddie, I seem to have so much trouble getting everything to line up properly. I can't remember having a problem when I was younger though. The pattern for these potholders and coasters is very forgiving though and I must give the coasters a try too.

  4. What a great idea for gifts although - is it really just 7 weeks? Aaack!!!

  5. I love your quilted potholders. I'm in desperate need actually. Aren't they so handy in the kitchen. I'll refer back to your tutorial when I make some.Thank you!

  6. I love the gorgeous colours of your potholder Nanna Chel. Wonkiness adds to it's character :)


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