Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bella Magazine

A lot of good things come out of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs of South-East Queensland and one of those good things has been the publication of Bella Magazine for girls from 13 to 19 which was launched in 2009. The latest good thing though is that the magazine is now available as an E-Mag! What a great Christmas present for the young girls in your life!

When my daughter was a teenager I subscribed to the US magazine, Brio, as I wasn't happy with the magazines targeted at teens at the time which was during the 1990s. Brio is no longer being published so it is just great that Bella Magazine is now available for the teens of today and, now that it is in digital format, it is available world wide.

In the latest edition there are some really interesting articles including one on growing vegetables....

......and helping teens to think about why and what they buy.

Then there is this great Coconut Loaf recipe which I will be trying out soon.

Scattered throughout the magazine are some beautiful photos....

...and an article on Anorexia Nervosa. Lots of other topics which are relevant to teens are discussed as well.
On the Bella Magazine facebook page there is a description of the magazine as follows:
Bella Magazine has a fresh approach to media out of the fundamental conviction that no young woman needs the pressure to look sexy to feel beautiful. Bella is simply a beautiful publication and the perfect gift for every teen daughter or granddaughter.

Rising above the tide of negative, over-sexualised content and the misrepresentation of women in the media, Bella is setting a new standard where...
the 'everyday' girl is featured as not perfect, not unattainable and not photo-shopped. But it is not just Bella's imagery that is making it a huge success in Australia – it’s the content appropriate, intelligent and creative.

Bella Magazine was birthed in Australia in 2009. It started in a lounge room with 8 ordinary girls who have developed something extraordinary and are now taking it global!
So, if you would like to subscribe to the magazine you can do that here. There is also a free E-Sample of the latest magazine if you would like to take a peek.
Reading the goals of Bella Magazine reminded me of the following quote which was on the mirror of a local clothing shop and I was quite amazed but pleased to see it there:
'While fashion can't change the world
 a woman who likes what she sees in the mirror sure can!'
My granddaughters are only little but I hope that magazines like Bella Magazine are being published when they are teens. This Nanna will certainly be subscribing if I am around. :-)



  1. Its good to see something like this being put out for today's younger set. Would be great if the mainstream media got real too.

  2. Yes Barb, I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. I'm writing for Bella magazine, my first article is in the March edition. I agree, this is what our girls should be reading. When I see what's in mainstream teen mags and in music videos, it makes me cringe. We should be encouraging girls to be girls.

  4. I look forward to reading your article, Rhonda. It is great that the magazine is now available worldwide and not just in hard copy in Australia.


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