Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pom-Pom Tutu Tutorial

A couple of years ago I made some Pom-Pom Tutus for my granddaughters and, in a recent post, I gave the link to the blog,  Little Pink Monster, where I found the tutorial on how to make the tutus. I have just finished making one for the granddaughter of my friend who died last year and I took photos of the different steps in case anyone wanted to make one as a last minute Christmas gift as they are quick and easy to make.

 I only use Bridal Tulle when sewing for little ones as it is softer than the cheaper tulle and isn't scratchy on their legs. I am not sure how much tulle I used but it was probably about a metre. In the tutus I made for my granddaughters I folded the tulle in half and then in half again but for this one, because the little vegemite is very tiny, I folded it again so I ended up with six layers.

Now, pin across the top on the long edge.

On one of the short sides, fold in the edges, pin and sew together.

Now put in your pom-poms, or whatever else you would like to stuff the tutu with, in the middle layer  then pin and stitch the other short end together.

Sew the top 6 layers together with a gathering stitch then measure the centre of your skirt and mark it. Cut a piece of ribbon approximately the size of the child's waist and mark the centre on that as well.

Now gather the tutu and place the centre of the ribbon on the centre of the tutu, turn in the edges of the ribbon and pin. This will be the back of the tutu.

Now cut another length of ribbon about 150 cm long and mark the centre. With wrong sides together and matching centres, pin the two lengths of ribbon together being careful to catch the tulle in between the two ribbons.

With six layers to sew this got a bit bulky so I basted with red cotton to make it easier. Then sew along the bottom of the ribbon to the end of the tulle before sewing along the top to finish off.

If any tulle is peeking out the top of the ribbon, just trim it off to neaten.

Now you have made a cute pom-pom tutu for a little girl who will love wearing it for dressing up. This is a quick and easy gift to make. If you would like to look at some other versions of this tutu you can view them on this Pinterest page.

I hope you can understand this tutorial. I would be interested to see any different versions that you make. Enjoy!

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