Monday, 30 December 2013

Taking stock of flowering plants

I often forget when certain plants flower so I thought I would take a few photos of what is flowering in the front garden now so that I can keep track of them in the future. A lot of plants have been pulled out so that the garden is easier to manage and it is a bit bare at the moment but here are a few plants that are flowering at present. Yesterday was a 38 degree day so I am surprised any flowers survived the dreadful heat.

 Hubby has been experimenting with growing different colours of dahlias and here are a few that I like.



Then there are the least I think that is what he calls them.

 They are quite pretty, aren't they?


I found this late bloomer growing under the camellia tree. All the others were blooming in September.
Last but not least...the Hoya is flowing at last. This is the first time I have seen it flower. It is so beautiful.
Now I just hope I don't delete these photos like I did last week and I should have a record of what is growing at the end of December when I check next year.
I also want to take stock of all the herbs we have as I want to utilise them more next year. As I said, it is so hot that I am surprised that anything is still flowering at this time of year. They must all be hardy plants.


  1. Love the flower pics in the middle of our winter - to remind me of summer, my little corner by the computer felt warmer while I read! Beautiful, thank you for sharing,

    1. Kathy, I can imagine that. We will be in the same boat as you around June when we will be longing for the warmer weather. However, it is a heatwave at present so it isn't very pleasant.

  2. Great pics, daylilys are a favourite of mine, easy to grow and they flower every summer, bought three new plants on Sunday.

    1. Deb, they are pretty aren't they? They just come up every year and hardly ever get looked after.


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