Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Quirky Garden!

A few days ago, before the extreme heat began, I took a short drive to Highfields which is a suburb just outside of town and which is home to some very interesting little shops and cafes which are always popular with both tourists and locals alike. One of the first clusters of shops you come to is Abbie Lane Arts and Crafts Village. There is the most quirky garden there outside Gottabee Country which is home to some really cute ornamental birds, bird cages, mailboxes and bikes.

Some of the items hidden among the garden foliage are available for sale in Gottabee Country which used to be a church many years ago. The shop is filled with the most amazing furniture, bird cages, etc. and you would have no problem spending quite some time there if you were interested in all things 'vintage'. Firstly, we had a look around the garden to see what was hiding amongst the plants.

Bikes like this are for sale and I'm not sure if you noticed but the word 'vegetables' is sitting on a rake!

On the other hand, this bike is part of the garden and has been there for some time. There are  a number of baskets welded to it which are full of succulents and other plants.

I just love this mail box with the bird sitting on top.

A simple sign that says so much!

A twirly whirly waiting for some wind.

This photo is for Sue who loves bunnies!
When you go inside Gottabee Country you see furniture like this...
... and retro containers like this! I just love this shop.


There is a coffee shop in Abbie Lane and you can sit outside and look at the garden in all its quirkiness while relaxing over a coffee with friends. On the way back to the car we passed this cow...

...and the potting shed called 'Possum's House'.

If you would like to have a look at the other fabulous items they have in Gottabee Country you can check out the photos here. Very inspiring indeed especially if you are decorating a home in vintage style.

There are a number of really interesting shops like this in Highfields. They are on the New England Highway about ten minutes out of Toowoomba so are easy to find. We do live in a very beautiful area so I though I would share some of the treasures that are to be found around here.



  1. Looks lovely, I love different ornaments for the garden

  2. I love quirky gardens and all the little things you can find hidden in them. Thank you for some inspiration!

    1. Perhaps we are both a little quirky, Ree! LOL!

  3. Yes Sharon, it is lovely. The garden is certainly an asset to this little cluster of shops and is a great way to advertise the garden ornaments available for sale as well.

  4. I have never really stopped there, always drive through. Time to stop.

  5. Great photos Nanna Chel. Looks like a lovely place to visit one day. Love the cow!


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