Thursday, 17 April 2014

Danish Flower Art - Home of the 'Gourd Bird'.

Described on its website as the Home of the 'Gourd Bird' and the Beading Mecca of Toowoomba, Danish Flower Art is a great place to visit for both locals and tourists travelling on the New England Highway to or from Toowoomba on the Darling Downs in Queensland Australia.

Just down the highway from the Abbie Lane Arts and Crafts Village and the Chocolate Cottage on the Village Green at Highfields that I visited a few months ago, the Danish Flower Art Complex has a Coffee Shop with a playground for children, stunning bead displays, gourds in all shapes, sizes and colours as well as peacocks and peahens, chooks and the list goes on.

 Always of interest to me are the hundreds of beads on sale and when you walk into the shop you are greeted by colourful glass bead snowflakes hanging from the ceiling above....

...all the beading supplies that anyone could possibly want or need in a lifetime.


There is endless variety here and, if you are keen on beading... wouldn't leave the bead shop without finding something you love.

At the other end of the shop there are gift items crammed into every nook and cranny....

....including some great signs if you have a sense of humour. :-)

Across from the bead/gift shop is a coffee shop with an outdoor eating area and a nearby playground for the children to get rid of some energy while the adults are having a leisurely coffee.

As soon as you are seated you will be welcomed by the locals who are checking to see what is on the menu for afternoon tea but they were a bit disappointed with my friend and I who didn't order anything to eat so they moved on.

 There are hundreds of gourds around the complex and you can buy seeds and painted or natural coloured gourds.

Amongst the attractions is a Tyre Maze....

 ....which my friend tried to negotiate with no success unfortunately.

On the way to the car we were farewelled by the peacock and friends who were just lounging around.


So, if you are ever in this neck of the woods and want to visit the complex, just watch out for the colourful gourds on the New England Highway when you are about ten minutes from Toowoomba and drive in and have a coffee and a look around. You won't be disappointed! 


  1. That looks like a lovely place to visit Nanna Chel. I love the beaded snowflakes :)

    1. Tanya, they are quite fascinating. There are so many of them hanging from the ceiling and they make the shop look so pretty.

  2. Wow, what a selection of beads! Looks like a lovely place to lose a few pence. Hope you have a lovely Easter.

    1. It is THE place to go if one is into beading as there must be thousands of beads there. Have a Happy Easter too, Barb.

  3. We always drive by, pics look so good, must actually visit one day.

    1. Yes Deb, I think looks are deceiving and many people don't realise what a gem of a place it really is. It is worth visiting.

  4. I've been there more than couple of times since living here, Nanna Chel. I agree it's a great place to browse through and there's always something to bring home. I'm so glad it isn't closer or I'd be in there every day buying some small thing! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree Shiralee. I would be broke if it was any closer. LOL!


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