Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Simple Living Toowoomba Cheese Making Workshop

Our Simple Living Toowoomba workshops are up and running once again and the first one will be held on Saturday 24th May in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Hall at 23 Glenvale Road, Toowoomba, just up from the Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. This will be a Cheese Making Workshop.

Our presenter, Ron, will demonstrate how to make...

Grilled Halloumi cheese



 long straining time

.... and ricotta cheese.

Prior to the workshop we will be have a homegrown and handmade swap which will start at 9am followed by a hot cuppa at 9.30am. If you would like to join in the swap,  just bring up to five items you have grown or made for the swap table. The cuppa and swap are free. However, if you would like to stay on for the workshop there will be a $5 charge for that. 

So....you are welcome to just come for the swap and morning tea at 9am or just come along to the workshop at 10am or come to both. The choice is yours :-) The workshops are always very informative and it is interesting to see what everyone brings along to swap. 

If you would like to attend, please contact our co-ordinator Margy by filling out the Booking Form by the 21st May. Everyone is welcome so, if you know anyone who would be interested in attending, do let them know and we look forward to meeting lots of new people from Toowoomba and from other regions as well if they happen to be visiting The Garden City that weekend. The hall is a little cool so, if the weather is like it has been these last few days, it might be an idea to bring along a coat.

I am really keen on learning how to make cheese as it has been on my 'To Do'  list for quite some time.

 How about you? Have you made cheese? 


  1. This would be great, I had looked into doing a cheesemaking day earlier in the year, but the fee was a little steep for me at the time, but $5 I can manage!

    1. Yes, you can't beat $5 for a workshop eh Barb? I hope you can make it.

  2. Wow, wish I could be there Cheryl. That is a great price. I was looking at how to make Haloumi the other day. The Green Cheese has a great tutorial. Look forward to seeing how you go with your cheesemaking! :)

    1. Tanya, I still haven't used the rennet I bought last year so I really need motivation to just DO IT at the moment. I am really looking forward to the workshop.

  3. A week to early for me to attend - what a shame! I've never made cheese before but have been planning to go to a cheese making class. Looking forward to hear about your experiences.

    1. Yes Frances, it should be very interesting. Hopefully you will have some workshops nearer to where you live in the future.

  4. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Xxx

  5. I am sure it is going to be a great workshop, Alison. Pity you didn't live closer then you could join us.


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