Thursday, 1 May 2014

Up Close and Personal

I was sitting on the verandah the other day, just minding my own business, when I noticed a grasshopper on the chair beside me. I was rather amazed that it didn't jump away as soon as I moved towards it so took a chance and ran inside to get my camera.

I was surprised to find it still perched on the chair when I came back and was even more surprised when it let me put the camera right up to its head to take a photo. Incredible!

Perhaps it was having an 'off' day and just needed a rest. 

So....we had a one-sided conversation about what its plans were for the rest of the day and whether or not they included munching away on some of my husband's dahlias  ....

....which have almost finished flowering but are still looking beautiful... 

...and never cease to impress.

Well, it must have been bored with the conversation as it very quickly jumped down the steps and into the garden and by now has probably munched through quite a few leaves. 

'What's that?'...I can hear my friends saying. 'Now she is talking to grasshoppers!'

 I know...I know...I need to get a life. :-)

That's what happens when you retire!



  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one conversing with nature! Your photography is great. Love the sheep too.

  2. Ha ha, Barb. The grasshopper was so close to me I couldn't believe it. I just had to talk to it. :-)

  3. Wow, that is up close and personal. If you were my mum the conversation would have went: "Eek. Eek. Kill it kill it." And when the poor blighter looked dead (usually by dad) she'd attack it with spray for good measure. He's a lucky fella to go munching I'd say. :)

    The dahlia's still look lovely.

  4. Ha ha, Shiralee. If my husband had seen it it wouldn't have been sitting on the chair for long. LOL!

  5. Oh too funny - thank you for the laugh! I get caught talking to various things anymore, appliances, the birds in the yard. Incredible pictures!


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