Monday, 16 June 2014

A visit to the Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba

Last week I took a stroll through the Ju Raku En Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba. I hadn't been there for many years so thought I would see how the gardens have progressed since that time. They are nestled between a suburban street and the northern side of the University of Southern Queensland and are jointly owned by the USQ and Toowoomba Regional Council.

There are two entrances to the gardens. One is from the university and the other is from Regent Street. You can see this entrance on Google Maps. As the USQ car park is quite full at this time of year I decided to park in Regent Street and had no trouble finding a park outside the gardens.


Designed by Professor Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto, the gardens have 230 species of Australian and Japanese native trees and plants and there are 3 kilometres of paths to stroll around.

On entering the gardens through the distinctive red doors one is greeted by lush green lawns surrounding a peaceful lake. The big choice is...what path to take first?

I decided to take the first turn left and to walk through ...

...the Bamboo Grove. This is a lovely walk with bamboo on each side and it takes you around to the entrance on the northern side of the university.

Here you will come across a map to find your way around the gardens. 

A little further on and then it is a short walk up the stone walkway on Azalea Hill where 2,500 full sun Azaleas are planted...

to this viewing pavilion where you can look down...

... onto the lake and bridges.

Down the stepping stones again and soon you hear the sound of running water and there is a bridge to be crossed and the source of the water to be found so a turn to the left onto yet another pathway...

...reveals a waterfall made from 450 tonnes of rock. 

The water then runs down into the lake...

...where the ducks are enjoying a rather cold swim after being fed.

The Wisteria Pergola is a popular venue for spring weddings and is a great place to bring the family for a picnic.

I thought I would cross a few of the bridges on the way to the other waterfall...

...Dragon Gate Falls before going back to the car.

The Japanese Gardens are well worth a visit and have been showcased on Better Homes and Gardens in this episode where you can get a better look at and explanation of facets of the different gardens. If you live in the region why not plan a visit next Saturday, 21st June and you can join us for our Simple Living Toowoomba soap making workshop, morning tea and swap, then perhaps take a five minute drive and meander around the Japanese Gardens.  Then it's only another short drive to the Queensland State Rose Garden to see the beautiful roses before heading off home. Sounds like a plan eh? :-)


  1. How lovely it looks. Another one to add to my list.

  2. Hi Nanna Chel,
    I haven't been there in a while either. Still looks a beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beautiful Nanna! I really enjoyed all the pictures today.


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