Sunday, 29 June 2014

End of June Garden Walkaround

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through 2014 already. We had a really warm autumn and a few bone-chilling winter days but mostly we have enjoyed cool mornings and sunny days. I thought I would record what was growing in the garden at the moment for future reference.

The brassicas are still doing well in the watersaver garden and hopefully are well protected from the cabbage moth. 

Next year I will plant the cabbages in the centre of the garden as they are pushing against the Netpro Vege Net and I have put heavy pots full of carrots against the bottom of the net to try and deter the creepy crawlies and so far have been successful.

We have a lot of rainbow chard...

...and lettuce growing 'down the back' in the CEO's domain...

as well as broad beans...

...and dwarf peas.

Some broccoli plants have come up from seed from last year's crop. 

I planted a zucchini very late in the season and there are a few zucchinis still growing. I am also nursing along a capsicum plant but I daresay it will get frosted eventually. We have heaps of garlic growing as well as chinese cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach, potatoes and cauliflower. I think that's it for the vegetables.

 Moving right along to the fruit department....these are the first lemons from the tree we bought a couple of years ago which is still in the pot waiting to be planted out :-)

The mandarin tree is heavy with fruit but they are not very juicy due to lack of water I guess...


 ...and also due to lack of water the passionfruit which flowered so abundantly a while back have been falling to the ground before they are ripe.

There are a few tamarillos still growing so I have covered them up to protect them from the birds and flying foxes and I may be able to make another couple of bottles of tamarillo chutney.

There are lots of avocadoes...

 ...and I am hoping that these pawpaws will ripen up eventually but we can't usually grow them here so I am not holding my breath. This tree came up in the compost heap.

In the front flower garden there isn't a lot of colour there at the moment apart from Calendulas...

...which are quite pretty...

...the ever reliable Camellia..

...the cute little Snowdrops...

...the exquisite Lillies...

and the colourful California Poppy. There are also Jonquils and Pelagoniums growing.

We also have lots and lots of herbs and a few other bits and pieces but that's enough for now. Blogger is really playing up and the text is jumping up above the line I am typing on at times so it is time to bid Blogland goodnight.

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  1. Oh wow, such beautiful pictures of your garden - what an oasis!!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Well Frances, it isn't really an oasis as DH has a lot of junk lying around so the cropping tool is my friend when I am editing photos. LOL!

  2. Look amazing. My hubby wants to move to your neck of the woods. He may really want to when he sees what is in your garden!

    1. If he wants to get warm he might need to move a little closer to the coast, Vicki as it is quite cold here in winter. It is going to be 2 degrees on Tuesday morning. Brrr!

  3. All looks amazing Chel, have you had more success growing under the netting. Next year I plan to use it in hope to keep the white butterfly away & your lucky what you can grow up there. Its be so cold here things are growing at a snails pace

    1. Sarah, it is cold here now as well unfortunately. We have had great success with using the netting over the garden where the brassicas are growing. Can you get someone to build the canopy for you? It would come in handy with protecting your vegetables from birds as well.

    2. I have the canopy that goes with the watersaver garden just poor planning on my behalf I had that planted up so put the brassicas in my other raised beds. I only lost around 5 plants due to the them being eaten. Better planing next time, glad to hear the netting has been successful for you

  4. What a fun thing to do - the walk around the garden, can't believe it is winter there, you have so much growing! Sounds like you have cold weather coming though, bundle up!

  5. Hi Nanna Chel,
    We've Calendula's growing nicely in our backyard too. They do brighten the place up. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're keeping warm!


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