Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Do you solve the world's problems while shelling the peas?

We have a lot of peas growing at the moment and I mean a LOT! The CEO wanted to experiment with what he thinks are Telephone Peas and they are now ready to be picked as well as several beds of Dwarf Peas.  So there has been lots of shelling to do this past week.

It can be such a boring job so I took myself out to the front verandah and sat under my cute wind chimes that I had bought at Bunnings for $5 and they were tinkling along quite pleasantly in the slight breeze. 

I got into the rhythm of shelling the peas and before long memories started flooding back of sitting around the kitchen table as a child doing the same thing.  The kitchen was where we all congregated when we were growing up and the habit continued after we left home and came back to visit. In winter the wood stove ensured the kitchen was pleasantly warm while we all sat around the table chatting away. We would solve the world's problems around that table and would help Mum out with the peas while we did so.

I was halfway through the shelling when my thoughts started to wander to what is happening in our world at the moment and how hard it is just to watch the news and try to comprehend the human suffering that is taking place. I needed to take a break from such sobering thoughts and soak up some of the beauty of creation so waddled off to the garden to see what is surviving in this dry weather.

The Hippiastrums are coming up everywhere and always put on a stunning display. 

This is one of our favourite Cliveas which has the darker flower. During the Carnival of Flowers I saw a sign where there were Cliveas for sale and it said that there were red, peach and cream Cliveas available. I guess then that this one would be considered the red one although it isn't really red.


We have several beds of Cliveas growing and they seem to survive just on rainfall...not that there has been much of that recently. These were planted many years ago....

 ....and the CEO did start moving them to the other side of the house at one stage and for some reason that I can't remember now. They do seem to grow better under the shade of the Camellia tree on that side. We also bought a cream Clivea at the Carnival so that will provide a bit of contrast.

The California Poppies just go wild at this time of the year and they also don't get watered. It is the survival of the fittest around here. I prefer to use the water on the vegetable gardens. 

Before heading back to complete my pea shelling task I picked the last bunch of Freesias for this Spring. They aren't liking the heat and they certainly won't like the 30C day that is forecast for tomorrow. 

With that job finished it was time to blanch and freeze the peas which reminded me of when I first started my blog last year that I had done a post for a Plastic Bottle Bag Sealer ....

after seeing the clever Tara Dennis make one on Better Homes and Gardens.  Check it out as it is a very nifty idea.

I am sure I will have a lot more pea shelling to do in the coming weeks. That's about as certain as the fact that I can't solve the world's problems. That issue is out of my hands!


  1. Gosh that brings back memories of doing the same around the kitchen table. I share your fears regarding the state of the world at the moment and at times need to switch off and go pull a few weeds. I also have an abundance of clivea. Im actually down to 4 big clumps after advertising them for free on gumtree. I feel like putting a sign in front of the mass of plants for sale to come to my place and have them for free instead of $30 for one single small plant. I dont think the nursery would like that much. We must have been watching the same show at the same time (along with a a million other people) such a nifty idea. I cant have little tinkle thingys as i have super sonic hearing and cant sleep at night for all the little things that make tiny noises. Have you ever laid in bed and been able to hear the bubbles bursting in the ensuite from when hubby washed his hands and didnt rinse the bubbles away? Can you hear your neighbours alarm clock go off even though its on the other side of their house. Its a curse.

  2. Ha ha, no we don't have an ensuite so I can't hear the bubbles :-) Also the neighbours aren't all that close thankfully as we have a large block. I couldn't live in the new houses where you can hear the toilet flush next door. The Cliveas cost the earth don't they? Considering how easily they grow it is a bit silly to pay so much.

  3. I can remember doing this on a small scale when I was young. My mum has always had a veggie garden, so us kids had to help with a lot of things through the years. I have not grown peas this year, I don't think they like me, they always curl up and die :) I just sent you an email Nanna Chel but forgot to put my name on it lol. Just in case you are wondering who the person is that just sent you a fabulous garden link...


  4. Funny thing is my block is considered to be big these days (700 square metres), There are entire estates near me that are 450. Yes, i am very very jealous of all you people with land.

  5. Grandma always complained that no matter what she did everyone always ended up in the kitchen sitting around the old table, even after she decorated the dining area for company!
    Having lived in the high desert of California for 27 years before we moved to heaven (grin) the poppies grow with just a little water and some heat and in a year that we had good rains the poppies would do poorly out at the poppy preserve, they are definitely a frugal plant! (and beautiful) Your photos always give me a little case of flower envy!

    1. Kathy, the California poppies certainly thrive on neglect and lack of rain. They do make a nice show though and we used to have them growing in with the Flanders poppies before the CEO pulled most of the latter out. The red and orange colours together looked fabulous.

  6. Your garden is looking wonderful! So many gorgeous blooms. I love shelling peas... somehow we never have any left to blanch and freeze... they all make their way into mouths :)

  7. The photos of your veggie gardens on your blog had Tania from OutbackTania and myself drooling. They are so neat and tidy. I was wondering whwther you sprayed your cabbages as they look so healthy. You must be so pleased with how it has turned out and well worth the work of setting it up.


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