Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The last day in Paradise...I mean Caloundra!

It has been a day of  'lasts'! The last lot of decadent food, the last walk and then finally the last sunset. Before we went home I wanted to visit Moffat Beach as my good friend who died a couple of years ago from cancer had been to a cafe there with her daughter when she was in remission and they had the best pancakes which they said were huge and absolutely delicious. She always wanted to return there with her girl again but became too ill when the cancer cruelly reappeared and they never made it back to the beach.

I am not a pancake person and rarely eat them so it was purely for sentimental reasons that I ordered one knowing that my son would eat most of it anyway. He wanted the Banana Pancake with Chocolate Cranberry Sauce which I admit was quite delicious and if anyone is visiting Moffat Beach at any time then do try the pancakes at Cafe by the Beach.

After all that rich food a walk along the beach was in order....

...and the surf was just great for surfboard riders...

...not that I have ever been surboard riding in my life. I prefer to sit and watch the waves. 

The beach is lined with Norfolk Pines and is quite picturesque. There are so many beautiful beaches in Caloundra and also as you make your way up the Sunshine Coast. We are very blessed indeed.

Then it was time to fill up the little Getz for the journey home. For SE Queensland readers, the petrol was 138.9cents a litre by the way. My little car only used up just over 1/4 tank of petrol on the three hour journey to the coast. Not bad eh?

 It was so hot by the time we got back to the unit that the old girl went for a swim in her new rash vest which was bought to prevent any more skin damage. Well, I now know why women's rash vests look so small and tight...that is because they stretch and I also now know that there is no reason to buy a men's size medium rash vest which looks like it would fit better ...that is unless you want it to nearly reach your kneecaps when it is wet. There will be some adjustments done to the now somewhat large rash vest when I get home :-)

After that it was time to pack and then have our last walk along the Boardwalk. All in all it was a restful holiday despite the fact that I walked more than I have since the last time we visited the beach. As Barb said in her comment on a previous post, it seems natural to walk a lot more at the beach than it is at home and it is much more enjoyable I guess to breathe in the sea air and watch the ebbs and flows of the ocean.

There was a lovely sunset and I wanted to take some nice photos but I didn't have my glasses on and fiddled with the camera settings and changed something and the sunset photos I took ended up looking like an atomic bomb had gone off in the west over the Glasshouse Mountains. :-) So they will all be deleted....when I can find my glasses of course! 

It will be 'back to normal' after tomorrow and I will need a couple of days to prepare for our Simple Living Toowoomba's 'Frugal DIY Christmas Ideas Workshop' this coming Saturday. If you live in the region you are most welcome to come along and join us. It will be our last workshop of the year and it promises to be a really enjoyable morning. 


  1. Im feeling rested after "our" holiday together. LOL When im a grey nomad (not suggesting at all that you are) i'll put Caloundra on my list. It looks like somewhere nice that's not so overrun with tourist, to stop and enjoy. Looking forward to the workshop post.

  2. Beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your time in Caloundra.

  3. I do not eat pancakes much either, but that one has me drooling. Maybe I will order some at Saturday breakfast with my coffee friends.

  4. Nanna Chel,
    It looks all very familiar. I'm glad you had a restful time away.

  5. Hey! I loved the pictures of the beach and that pancake thingy looked yummy!! Glad you all had a lovely time. Looks very relaxing. Hope to catch up with you soon.


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