Monday, 10 November 2014

To Market To Market!

There are lots of great markets here in Caloundra and in the surrounding district. There are some very talented people living in the Hinterland who produce some unique and fascinating arts and crafts. On the weekend there was an Arts and Crafts Fair which was really well attended and it was a pleasure to see all the handicrafts that had been produced for this event. I had been looking around for a koala for a friend overseas which hadn't been made in China and found this cute little fellow which was just what I was looking for.

 There were a number of handknitted items for babies so I bought a duck and a hippo for my little grandson who is due in five weeks and had better wait till Nanna arrives in December.

Aren't they cute!  Just right for a baby. Yesterday the Caloundra Craft Markets were held in the main street which is cordoned off each Sunday. These markets are extremely popular and you would be excused for thinking the Christmas holidays had already arrived by looking at the crowd. I can't believe how busy it is here already.

 I am always interested in finding something a little different at the markets and came across some gorgeous hair clips for children as well as earrings, buttons and other lovelies which appealed to me.

So I bought some which will make great presents and my granddaughter will love the hair clip I bought for her birthday...that is if her mum doesn't wear it instead. :-)

Each pair of earrings had its own little tulle bag which will make great lavender bags. The clever girls from Bowerbirdy were also selling this very pretty floral embellishment which I intend to use on dresses for my granddaughters especially now that one of them, who would never wear a dress, has just decided that she likes them. I am sure some mothers can relate to that. :-)


I also met a lady from Nannie Goat Soap who was selling her fabulous goat's milk soap as they have their own goat farm. We had a nice chat about the process and she was very helpful. I bought a cake of apple and cinnamon honey soap which had apple fragrance and chunks of cinnamon honey soap which had been added. I can't wait to use it. I have only ever made plain goat's milk soap so I might get a bit more adventurous next year. Do check out her soap if you are at the markets and you can find out on her Facebook page where she will be selling it. The same with the Bowerbirdy girls. 

Also if you are visiting Caloundra you may not know (I didn't) that there is a block in the CBD from the old Post Office up to the next corner (going up towards the Cinema) where you can access free Wi Fi. When we arrived I asked our booking agent if the library had free Wi Fi and she told me about the CBD Wi Fi. Mind you I haven't used it but I should do as the net cuts out every five minutes here in our unit which makes writing a blog post an interesting and frustrating experience. I certainly don't want to lug the laptop up there but I haven't yet mastered writing a blog post on the iPad. 

I will leave you with last night's sunset which I almost missed as we were eating fish and chips with old friends on the Boardwalk. Enjoy!


  1. Im so enjoying your holiday. Jeepers, how long is it going to be?

    I dont blame you for not wanting to post on an ipad or tablet. I hate the on screen keyboard that pops up. When you see me making lots of mistakes in my comments its usually because i am on my tablet. Love the craftwork.

    Your little koala looks like the ones Mum makes to go into Christmas shoe boxes for overseas missionaries.

  2. Lynda, I am glad you are enjoying my holiday :-) We head home on Wednesday. Normally we stay for a week but this time I thought a couple of extra nights would be better. We have had perfect weather too.

  3. There are so many unique things about Australian life, but one that always strikes me is the markets. We have nothing like this in the states. Only things we have a the occasional special holiday crafts events, Easter, Christmas, and some random church festivals during the warmer weather.

    Not the same thing, not even close.


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