Saturday, 8 November 2014

Beautiful ocean colours and hungry pelicans.

We have been doing a lot of walking since we have been at the beach. Today the colour of the ocean was just spectacular but I couldn't capture the different tones of blue which had all the tourists lined up on the Boardwalk talking photos. The day we arrived we saw a photo of the Pumistone Passage at the Booking Agent's office which looked exactly liked it did today and I said to my son that the photo had been Photoshopped as the water was never that colour but, to my surprise, I saw for myself that it wasn't.

Later in the day when the sun was going down, we walked to Kings Beach and back to our unit but then decided to keep going and walk down to Tripcony Jetty where there was a young man cleaning fish. We thought we saw a pelican or two near the water so took a closer look and sure enough, they were all gathering near the fisherman in the hope of scoring some free dinner. 

'Come on you lot, dinner is almost ready'.

'Hmmm, goodness me that guy is a bit slow isn't he? Dinner is taking forever.'

'Hey, who is that stranger...what is HE doing here?'


'I think we'll  move a bit closer to the action and see how long we have to wait'. 


'No, he is taking too long and we're hungry. I can smell fish and chips nearby. Let's move on to the picnic area!'


  1. Beautiful photos. I could do with such a relaxing holiday. Seems like every time i go to the ocean its a grey day. i think i just need to more often.

  2. i hope your having a lovely holiday :o) oh to be beside the sea

  3. Walking at or near the beach seems to come naturally compared with walking at home. I'm quite envious of you.


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