Saturday, 15 November 2014

The last Simple Living Toowoomba workshop for 2014

This morning we held our last Simple Living Workshop of the year and, despite the heat, I am sure that everyone really enjoyed themselves. The forecast for each day of the weekend is for 37C which is much too hot for us here in Toowoomba as we are used to the cooler weather.

Firstly Mandy from The Old Dairy showed us how to make our own soy candles.


It was quite an easy process I must say.

The wax is melting....

the wick is in place... it just has to set. The only problem was that it is so hot that it hadn't set properly by the time we finished so we all had to drive home very carefully :-)

Tonya from The Crafty Mummy came along and showed us some of the Christmas decorations she has featured on her blog. She has a great blog so do check it out and spend some time there as she has some really good ideas and tutorials.

Her patchwork is very inspiring as well and almost makes me want to venture into the world of patchworking. Almost!


Shiralee from Vintage Papery brought along some of her very pretty handiwork and the top photo also shows her talents. The yellow flowers on her blog were part of her Secret Santa gift which one very fortunate person picked today. 

Just look what our very clever co-ordinator Margy made!!!! Isn't it incredible? I have enlarged the photo so you can have a good look at how she has made the bee. I must give that a try. 

Rachael brought along some jewellery that her sister makes and sells on her Etsy shop When Laura Meets Clay.

Wouldn't these earrings be a great gift for a librarian? 

 I took along my stamping kit and between mine and Margy's kit there was a lot of banging going on and hopefully nobody went home with a headache. 

Of great interest was the reusable bow that I featured in a previous post after my friend, Sally gave me one to use as a template. For those ladies from the workshop who are looking for the instructions here is the link.

To finish off the morning we had a Secret Santa and exchanged a handmade gift to the value of $5. It was a perfect finish to a great year of successful workshops. We have more planned for next year and the first one will probably be held in February 2015. Come along if you live in the region and I am sure you will fit right in and enjoy yourself.


  1. I just really love that stamped spoon for the basil - really clever!

  2. You should make some, Phil. I have a basic stamping set which I bought at Bunnings.

  3. It looks like it was a great day (despite the heat!) - I would love to go to something like that. Soy candles are something I would like to do, they are so lovely.

  4. They were easy to make, Kelly. The wax did eventually set in our 37C heat! :-)

  5. I love that bee. I should be able to work it out from the picture. Sounds like a great time.

  6. Lynda, let me know if you can't work it out as I did take a photo from underneath as well.

  7. It was lovely seeing you and all the ladies again Chel, for me the winner of the day was that bow! It was just brilliant. I had to put my candle out into the sun to remelt and then into the fridge - the drive home had shaken things up a bit. Back up to Toowoomba today to the cattle sales - 34C - hot and smelly I would think.

  8. Hope there wasn't too much mess in your car, Barb. I put mine in a bag for the drive home and just as well. Mine has set at last but it took a while as the house is so hot. This heat and cattle yards....not a good idea! Hope you survive.

  9. It was a great day and Barb I loved the bow as well....I am busy Chel banging spoons and forks,I'm going to make some wind chimes as well.

  10. Mandy, chimes have been on my do list as well. I guess you have seen the ones on Pinterest. Just amazing but quite doable. Hope you don't get sore hands 😄

  11. Oh wow, and this just happened up the hill from me. So glad to see a local gathering of like minded individuals, sharing their talents. Bet it felt like a special day. I'll have to watch for future gatherings. :)

  12. Yes Chris, I hope to see you there next year. They are a lot of fun. We will probably start up again in February.


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