Friday, 1 May 2015

A quick end of April garden roundup

I am writing this on Thursday night in between packing to fly to Mt.Isa tomorrow as I took some photos this morning to record what is growing in the garden at the end of April before I head off. It is raining here at the moment and there is a 'weather event' forecast for tomorrow for South East Queensland so at least the garden should get a good watering to hold it is good stead while I am away in case the CEO neglects my veggies. Hopefully I will get to the airport without having to swim and the QANTAS flight can take off without any delays.

 There aren't a lot of flowers in the garden at the moment apart from this stunning Chrysanthemum...

....which probably won't look as good when I get home. I just love it and it has grown so much since last year. 

The Zygocactus is starting to flower.....

...and the Dahlias are dying off.

The Perpetual Spinach is doing well despite being munched on by some pest...

Russian Kale is also growing prolifically .... is the Dinosaur Kale.  I really need to learn to like eating Kale. Just ignore the weeds.

I have to keep an eye on the creepy crawlies that have just started eating my cabbages...

...and there is also beetroot growing.

When I get home there might be some strawberries to pick as we have them covered to stop the birds from eating them for breakfast. 

I always like to track how much my plants have grown while I am away so thought I would take a few photos before the heavy rain fell. 

Have a wonderful weekend. I am not sure how much I will be able to be online due to the internet connection or lack of where my daughter lives. Mt.Isa will be abuzz with the My Kitchen Rules girls qualifying for the semi-finals on Sunday night and I am sure the whole town will be very proud if they end up winning. Not that I watch the show but I do see the ads :-)


  1. I spent all last weekend watering due the lack of rain in the last few weeks, however it started raining here yesterday so all the plants are well watered now. Have a lovely time in Mt Isa with your grandchildren.

  2. Beautiful as always. Enjoy your trip. My Zygo is just starting to bud.

  3. Your garden looks amazing! Prayers you have a fun, safe, and blessed trip!

  4. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the grandkids!!

  5. Always enjoy looking at what is growing in your gardens. Beautiful. Enjoy your trip away and safe travels.

  6. Hope you have a nice trip! I love your garden! The flowers are beautiful and the edibles great too! :)

  7. Lovely.. Have a great trip and God bless..xo

  8. That patch of Chrysanthemum surrounded by the Jonquils is stunning.

  9. I hope you have a machete , it started raining on Friday and really! ! Rained on Saturday, so the garden will be like a jungle by the time you get back.
    Have fun with the family and enjoy the cuddles.

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. It was a bit of a saga at the Brisbane airport waiting for a break in the weather so we could take off during the rain event on Friday. I will do a blog post about it when I get a chance. We arrived safely three hours late. We had to walk across the tarmac in the pouring rain to get on the plane so my clothes had just dried out by the time we landed. Such fun :-)


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