Saturday, 13 June 2015

Drizzle drizzle drizzle

It has been a drizzly few days when the sun peeks out to say hello for a short while before the clouds move in, the wind picks up and the light rain starts.

I was going to leave that photo of the birds in the tree down the back as a black and white one but seeing as I was playing in Pixir I thought I would check out the overlays and quite like this one although it makes it seem more sunny than the plain back and white. I usually use Picmonkey but as I can't use it on my iPad when I am away from my PC and want to write a blog post, I use Pixir instead as it works well on the iPad. I should be finishing off my sock instead of playing on the PC but sometimes I can't help myself :-)

Recently on the Down to Earth forum one of the members there posted a recipe for Feta and Pea Tuna Patties and I asked for her permission to put it on my blog. It is just a bit of a change from the usual fish patties and I thought you might like to try it. Here is the recipe:


200 grams boiled potatoes
1 cup of frozen peas. ...................Mash These Two Together.

In a bowl put 200 grams Feta Cheese, 1 slice of fresh breadcrumbs, 425 gram tin tuna or salmon
2 tsps. grated lemon rind, couple of leaves chopped mint, if you  have  both of them.

Add the mashed potatoes and peas and one egg although she used two as  she felt it was a bit dry. Make into patties,  dip into dry breadcrumbs or flour, and put in fridge till needed. Leave them for a minimum of  15 minutes as it helps to set them a little harder. Fry in your usual oil.

I did find they stuck a little as we use a stainless steel electric frypan as we don't like using non-stick surfaces but the next time I cook them I will use the Stoneware frypan that came with our Nutribullet.  Feta cheese costs an arm and a leg at Woolies and Coles but I was told to check out ALDI and I found it there on special for $2.60 or so and the usual price is under $3.00 so I will be buying it there in the future.

We had a most informative presentation at our Simple Living Toowoomba monthly meeting today on organic gardening. I asked about my strawberries that were being eaten just as they are ripening and it sounds like ants might be the culprits. We do have quite a few ants in that garden so when it fines up I will try the bicarb soda and icing sugar mixture in a lid and see if that makes any difference. If not I will take them out of that garden which is actually our watersaver garden which has sprung a leak. I have been putting off the big job of removing the soil to repair the damage which I think may have been caused by a lizard that we saw going under there.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. In our neck of the woods it is good weather to rug up and knit or crochet so hopefully I will get my remaining sock finished in the next couple of days.  Talk about being a slow knitter. LOL!


  1. So much rain this patterns are changing for sure. I now fry with baking paper in the bottom of the sticking ever.

  2. Now that's an idea, Phil. I never thought of that.

    1. I got the idea whilst watching a coffee shop heat up my banana bread - they use baking paper in their sandwich press - so I thought "hmmmmm - good idea"

  3. Your pictures are beautiful as always Nanna Chel and those fritters look very yum!

  4. I made a big batch last weekend using a mix of potato and sweet potato with onion and tuna, egg and flour (to bind and for form patties. I then refrigerated them and later did the egg and bread crumb thing. BUT i use Panko bread crumbs which are so light and crunchy. Hubby loved them and he said they were better at work the next day reheated in microwave. I froze the rest and we had them yesterday. Yum Yum

  5. I love pics of birds in "bare" trees :). I must start taking photos again with my camera as the mobile phone just doesn't do the colours justice. Lol, may be time for a new camera! I have a recipe for making feta but it uses a whole gallon of cream so I've been delaying trying it. Lynda, I must try the patties with sweet potato as that is better for me, and my bp, than eating all that cheese!

  6. Clever photo looks like a novel cover.


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