Friday, 17 July 2015

A Special Visitor

We have a special visitor at our Simple Living Toowoomba monthly meeting tomorrow ~ Rhonda from Down to Earth! She and Hanno are going to brave the Toowoomba weather but I am sure we won't turn on any snow like our neighbours in the region have overnight.

We are going to have a quiet morning sitting around a table...or two...listening to Rhonda talk about her blog, the Down to Earth Forum  and her new book which is in the pipeline.

The plan is to bring along some craftwork to do while we chat... I thought I would make a few hexagons. 

 They are easy to carry around in one's bag and don't require too much concentration unlike knitting socks ;-) 

It should be a great morning and we are all looking forward to it and very pleased that the weather won't be so bone chillingly cold as it was today. 

Next month we will be have a workshop on Keeping Backyard Chooks. That will be held on the 15th August so if anyone in the region would like to come along you can book in here.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Oh how wonderful Nanna Chel, Hope you have a really great day with Rhonda and Hanno.


  2. It should be a lovely day, Tania. Wish you lived closer and you could join us too :-)

  3. Wow! I'm jealous! I'd love to come sit around that table and talk to you all with Rhonda! I can't wait to get her new book!


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