Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Keeping Backyard Chooks ~ Simple Living Toowoomba

Our next Simple Living Toowoomba get-together will be on the 15th August and our presenter, Victor, will be speaking about keeping backyard chooks. This should be a very popular workshop and you are most welcome to attend if you live in the region.

 The topics covered will be:

Housing, (including chook tractors)
General health
Selecting a breed
Feeding and supplements
Keeping ducks, for those interested
The presentation on the 15th August will start around 10am at the Good Shepherd Church, 23 Glenvale Road, Toowoomba which is just behind the relatively new Maccas on the corner of Anzac Avenue and James Street and diagonally across from Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. The cost of the workshop is $5. Please RSVP by 12th August.

Before the presentation we will have a cuppa and our monthly homemade/homegrown swap so if you would like to join in please bring along one to five items to swap and you can then take home the same number of items. 

This promises to be a very popular morning as I mentioned before so come along and have a good time with like-minded and friendly people. 




  1. Replies
    1. Now you just know you need to start up your own group when your schedule quietens down, Phil :-)

  2. Chel,

    Our neighbours have chooks and sometimes they share their eggs with us. I'd love to have some chooks too, but we can't because we have a dog who'd love them to death. I have a question about keeping chooks. Perhaps you know the answer. What do you do with hens when they are past their best as far as laying eggs goes? I imagine hens will need replacing, but what happens to the old ones? I'd be too soft hearted to get rid of them and I'd end up feeding a huge flock!

    1. Sue, my hubby has no problems with 'dispatching' the chickens and they end up in the soup pot. I couldn't do it personally.

    2. Dear Sue,
      You keep the chooks in the chook pen and in no time flat the dog takes no notice of them at all. You only need 2 really, depending on how many eggs you use a week. But 2 are enough for us. Hope that helps, Love Annabel.xx

  3. Hi Chel, I'm looking forward to this one, what I don't know about chickens would fill a book. LOL.

    1. Barb, I thought you would know everything about keeping chooks ;-) Much more than me anyway.

  4. I have lots of chooks (shhh, don't tell the council!)
    We have kept chooks for years, they are delightful animals and the eggs are just wonderful.

    1. Kelly, they certainly are characters. I always feel sorry for the one at the bottom of the pecking order though :-(

  5. I think keeping chooks is one of the easiest things to do to reduce waste, costs and always have fresh eggs which give you so many meals. Country or city I have kept chooks. In fact more people seem to keep them in the city as most of our neighbors have chooks where as I was the odd one out in the country! My next thing is bantams. Mainly for the benefit of my Grand daughter, I just thought bantams would be cute!
    Have a lovely weekend. It is pouring here and seems unable to stop!
    With love,

  6. I am sure your granddaughter will love bantams when she is older, Annabel. One of my is particularly interested in animals and I am sure she would love it here on our 1/2 acre with all the wildlife around. The babies are growing so quickly, aren't they?


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