Thursday, 6 August 2015

Have you heard about the changes to Bella magazine?

You may or may not have noticed in the sidebar on my blog a link to Bella magazine which is produced here in Toowoomba. You may even have subscribed to it for a young lady in your life. Well, Bella magazine has undergone big changes in the last few weeks and you can now read the content online as it is not being published in hard copy form anymore.

I have written a blog post about the magazine before...Bella magazine ~ A quality magazine for young girls...but now you can read for yourself how it started off and have a look at The Team of young and older ladies who work hard at presenting quality content which I am sure all parents would approve of.

So.....let's head over to Bella, have a look at the new format and check out some articles there.

Your young person might like to read Turia Pit's story about being trapped in a grassfire when participating in a 100km ultra-marathon and I am sure they will be inspired. 


Then there is the article Making Fashion Fair which gets young people thinking about how their clothes are made and by whom.


Perhaps the article Retail Free Therapy will inspire them to spend less time mindlessly shopping and more time doing something productive.


The article TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS is about the organisation TWLOHA which helps young people struggling with depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts and self-injury. 

There are many, many more inspiring and informative articles to read as well as posters which can be downloaded and hung on the wall such as...

I am sure your young person will find plenty she likes in the new Bella format.

Remember I told you about The Basement soup kitchen co-ordinator, Nat Spary, who is spending National Homeless Prevention Week on the streets with Jon from the Catholic organisation Rosies - Friends on the Street. Well, you can keep track of their daily progress on Homeless for a Week. It is interesting to read that Council street cleaners are making a Homelessness Mapping Project. I think Nat and Jon are woken in the early hours of the morning each day by these hard working men doing their job of keeping our city clean.

We have been having overnight temperatures of zero this week so it has been very cold out there on the streets. I am not sure how much has been raised for the soup kitchen so far but I think it is around $30,000 but they are hoping to raise $100,000. If anyone would like to donate you can do so at Homeless for a Week. 

Something you might find interesting are  Sleeping Mats for the Homeless which are made from plastic bags. If you can crochet you might like to make one or ask your friends to join you in making some. I believe it takes about  500-700 plastic bags to make a sleeping mat. What a great way of keeping the bags out of landfill! 

Brrr...writing about sleeping on the streets in this weather has made me feel chilly. I am off to find a heater ;-)



  1. What good work here. It is so nice to hear about good things. There are some good people in the world! Xxx

    1. Yes there are lots of good things happening in the world, Annabel. Unfortunately we often only hear about the bad things.

  2. Thanks Chel, I had not read 'Bella' before when it was a hard copy. Thanks for letting us know they are now online - I popped over and read some of the articles - great stories and very interesting. Will catch up with some more soon.

    1. Blinky, it is a good read for young girls and there are lots of inspirational stories there.


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