Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Quick Hello

Just a quick hello from a very warm Mt.Isa where it is getting hotter every day. It is so very dry up here. It is so strange having to buy drinking water and even more strange having to get used to the water bottles not being recycled as there is no recycling plant. We get used to so many available facilities down south. Even when we need to buy clothing we are spoiled for choice unlike here and one thing I would find very hard to get used to would be having to buy all my fruit and veggies at either Coles or Woolies as we live in such a fertile farming area and have so many choices when we want to buy fresh produce. Visiting The Outback makes me very appreciative of so many things I take for granted.

My granddaughters have been at school so I don't see them for too long during the day. The baby is really on the move and getting ready to walk so keeping him out of his sisters' room will keep his mum busy I am sure. Girls have so many little bits and pieces they collect including those rainbow looms which would be a magnet to a crawling bub and so nice to chew :-)

He is a lovely little boy and is just delightful. I will miss him and his sisters when I leave but I will see them at Christmas so that is something to look forward to. Two more sleeps before I will fly back to the cooler weather. I hope there has been some rain since I left as the veggie garden was really dry last week. Still it wasn't as dry as it is here so some rain in the North West would be just wonderful. It is desperately needed.

Have a great week everyone.





  1. Chel, I have been watching the weather on the ABC at night groaning for you at the temps in Mt Isa, 40 yesterday it said. You poor thing. We had storms overnight and there was a large one moving towards Toowoomba this morning so perhaps your place will have had some lovely rain. Enjoy the little ones and see you when you get back. xxx

  2. have a great time with the family
    see you when you get back
    thanx for sharing

  3. ...and we had storms here in Newcastle NSW. Enjoy your time away - it looks like you are :-)

  4. What a handsome baby! He is precious!

  5. What a gorgeous boy and a quick hello to you. Im late for work.

  6. Sorry I am so late getting to visit you this week. I read all your posts but don't always have time to comment. Sounds like two extremely different areas! So glad you got to visit with your grands! Hope you stay cool this summer. It's getting colder here every day!

  7. Lovely photo Chel.
    Are they having Christmas with you this year, not long to wait to see them again!

  8. Thanks for all you comments while I was away. I loved seeing everyone once again. Jude, the family will be down for Christmas but not staying here as they wouldn't fit so will be only a 5 minute drive away.


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