Sunday, 18 October 2015

Off I go!

This time tomorrow if nothing untoward happens I should be in the Outback chasing my granddaughters so they get to bed on time as they have school the next day and my little grandson will probably be tucked up in bed by then after a big day with his sisters as they will have had a pupil free day. I was going to do a blog post on the soap I made using the 'quick method' but I have run out of time so will say goodbye and hopefully I will be able to show you some photos of the Outback during the week if the internet works. I am sorry I won't be able to reply if anyone comments on my posts due to the internet being a bit hit and miss at times. At least I can write a post in Blogsy without being online.

As you can tell from the photo the baby isn't really a baby anymore as he is trying to walk and is eyeing off his mum's craft room where the girls have probably been scattering their 'creations' over the floor. I hope my daughter doesn't see this. Shhh! Don't tell!

So it looks like Nanna is going to get plenty of exercise in the coming week. I have my pedometer packed. We are going to do the Aussie Backyard Bird Count while I am up there which will be fun to do with the girls.

I will leave you with a photo I took yesterday of one of the CEO's cactus orchids which are flowering at the moment. Aren't they beautiful?

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. Enjoy - family and grandies are so much more important than blogging - we will all be here when you get back. Take lots of pics mind!

  2. yes, what Phil said!
    have a wonderful time with your family XXX
    see you when you get back!
    thanx for sharing

  3. What Phil said too Nanna Chel. Have a memorable time with your darlings. And yes, the cactus flower is stunning! Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Soak up all those hugs and kisses, Chel - You can never get enough when they are little. Enjoy your special time.

    Come back refreshed and ready to party in Caloundra.

  5. What Phil, Selina B and Mimi said. Fare Thee Well my fair maiden (bit long in the tooth for maiden) lol.

  6. Enjoy your time away with your Grand babies..

  7. Babies grow up so fast. Enjoy your grandkids. Love the orchid. Beautiful.

  8. What precious times. We are packing up to do the off season travel to family and friends. Gonna stock up on grandkids times as well.


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