Thursday, 10 December 2015

Threads of Friendship Never Break

At the local QCWA Christmas market last year I bought a little card with a beautiful 'saying' on it to which a little spool of cotton was attached. It was called 'Threads of Friendship Never Break'. I was looking into 'that draw' where everything gets put (do you have one of those?) and came across it today and thought it would be nice to share the words as some of my readers might like to add them to a gift card for one of their friends.

There was no acknowledgement of the author on the card so I can't give credit for it unfortunately but this is what it says:

Threads of Friendship Never Break

Thank you for your laughter,
And the good times that we share,
Thanks for always listening
For trying to be fair. 

Thank you for your comfort
When things are going bad.
Thank you for your shoulder
To cry on when I'm sad.

This gift is a reminder
That all my lifetime through
I'll be forever thankful
For a
Like you.


Sometimes good friends are hard to find but I hope everyone who reads this has at least one special friend to turn to.



  1. Sweet! And very true! Good friends are hard to find. ;)

  2. That is really special Chel. Thankyou. Mimi xxx

  3. I love this. I have been mulling over gift ideas to mail a few close long distance kindred spirited friends. This is perfect.

  4. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing, that really would make a lovely card or bookmark.

  5. OK I expect you to have the embroidered or cross stitched and framed by Christmas. See what a high opinion i have of your abilities!

  6. ....I am married to mine. I'm a very fortunate bloke


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