Saturday, 6 February 2016

How to make a simple button necklace

If you saw the post titled Crochet Button Necklace you may have had a look at your button stash to check out if you had the required 120 buttons to use. If you didn't you can still make a simple button necklace as all you need are a few buttons, some beading wire and a clasp.


 Firstly I had to go through my beading stash which I bought years ago when beading was very popular as I have been around long enough to know that it is only a matter of time before it becomes the latest craze once again. I have wire of varying thickness which I bought at craft shows mainly but the local $2 had some thicker wire which is shown at the bottom of the photo and it is what I used to make the Bird's Nest Necklace. This might be suitable to use depending on the type of buttons you use. A 26 or 28 gauge wire would be fine if you happen to have any.

Now pick out the buttons you would like to use. I happened upon these cute little buttons at the cheap shop for $2.50 so will demonstrate with them although I will be using them for sewing projects rather than as a necklace.

 Measure how long you would like your necklace to be and cut the wire leaving a bit extra for finishing off . Then arrange the buttons in the design that you prefer and make sure you have enough.

Fold the length of wire in half to find the middle and open it up again and start threading your first button which in my necklace was the green one in front. Thread from the underneath as shown in the photo. Then just keep threading. You can tighten up the wire as you go.

This is how it looks on the underside. This wire is a tad thick but it will still work okay as when it is finished it can be moulded easily to the shape of your neck.

 When you have threaded all the buttons on the wire make a loop and wind the wire around the loop and cut off. 

You can then just make a loop on the other end and enclose a clasp of choice. As I am having trouble doing up some clasps I prefer to use a Bar and Ring Toggle Clasp which is easier for me to hold and not too fiddly. 

Once you have the clasp finished try on your necklace and admire your handiwork.  

The necklace in the first photo is the one I made at our Simple Living Toowoomba Button Jewellery Workshop a couple of years ago. I have worn that necklace so much and nearly each time I have worn it someone has commented on it. I know that photo looks a bit 'busy' but I wanted to show you the details of the gorgeous cushion one of my friends on the Down to Earth forum sent me last year. I just love it. 

If you don't want to use wire you can just use a needle and thread as Rhonda did in her Button Necklace Tutorial. Also there are different ways you can finish off the necklace as shown in the tutorials on  Lilly Pilly and Little Musings

Thankfully the hot humid weather has moved north and we are back to our normal mild weather. Just in time too as the natives have been restless and eager to get back to partying on the roof at 2am once again instead of just walking over the cars in the shed and fighting with each other to break the boredom on rainy nights :-)


  1. Our possums love to hang outside our bedroom window just as we're trying to get off to sleep and squabble over which paw paw they are going to nick that night! I try to be thankful that at least there still is some wildlife getting around.....

  2. Clarissa, we have a White Sapote tree outside our bedroom and they get into that at night and eat the fruit. They make such a mess on our cars sometimes when they poo and wee on them so they aren't too popular around here.

    1. They are definitely not popular here either, but what can one do? Forgot to mention I love the necklace too, something my daughter and I will be able to do together, thanks x

  3. Well now I do have necklace envy Nanna Chel. I have always liked your brown based necklace, but that pink and green one is just lovely as well. I must look out for those little flower buttons, they are so sweet. I also noticed your 'vintage' flora fabric - also lovely. If I had room, I'd start collecting vintage sheets and tea towels.

  4. Barb, the buttons are at the cheap shop at Clifford Gardens. Last year I got 5 vintage pillowcases from Vinnies for $1!!! Mind you, these are the same pattern of pillow cases and sheets we had when we got married in the 1970s so it feels funny calling them 'vintage'. :-)

  5. That's beautiful Chel, and well timed for me. I was admiring a gorgeous oversized, neutral button necklace on a lady the other day. I was trying to figure out how it was made without staring. Mystery solved! Mimi xxx

  6. Mimi, I originally did the tutorial with large black and white buttons from Spotlight but I didn't like the background so redid it. You can buy them in packets with just the black and white buttons. They would look quite stunning with the right outfit.


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