Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Meet Sally the Chook

This is a little story for my grandchildren about a new chook who came to live with us after Christmas. I told my daughter there would be a story for the girls to read after school tomorrow. :-)


Sally was a white chook who used to live with one of  Nanna's friends who was given a chook pen and three chooks for Christmas. You would think that Sally would be happy to be living in a brand new home with two of her friends....but NO! She was a naughty girl and started pecking the other chooks so Nanna's friend asked if Nannu would come and take Sally away as she had nowhere else to put her so that she could keep her away from the other chooks. So Nannu brought Sally to our place and put her in with our chooks but, would you believe it, the chooks started pecking Sally!!!

They weren't happy to have someone new in their pen so Nannu had to take Sally out and put her in a cage by herself. She wasn't very happy to be by herself but she also didn't want to be pecked all the time even though she had pecked her other companions. So she would look out at Nanna walking around her veggie garden and watch Nannu feeding his birds...

...and then she saw Coco and wondered if she would be a friend but she was too busy eating her afternoon tea...

...and Leah told her that if she had behaved herself in the beginning she would still be living in a nice new home with her two friends for company. Leah had no patience with naughty chooks.


At night time the possum started wandering around the back yard looking for fruit and he told her he felt sorry for her as she had been pecked by the older birds but there was nothing he could do because  he was busy also as there was food to find and dancing on the roof to do before the sun came up. 

The next day Nanna was worried about Sally being lonely so Nannu took her out of her pen and held her for a little while to let her know that she was loved. She wasn't white any longer as it had been raining and she just loved to dig away in the red dirt looking for worms.

While she was out of the cage she had a look around and saw some yummy plants growing in Nanna's garden which took her fancy.


She wondered what the strange purple thing was that Nanna was carefully inspecting and wasn't sure it would be all that yummy.

Hmmm, now things were looking promising. The tamarillos were ripening so perhaps Nanna might share some with her when they were orange.

 Then out of the corner of her eye she saw the huge Queensland Arrowroot plant down the back and she just knew that somehow she had to jump down and run down there as she loved eating  Arrowroot leaves and it would be so cool to be scratching around looking for worms and grubs...

...but Nannu would have none of it as he knew how cranky Nanna would be if Sally started eating her plants so she was put back in her pen before she got into any more mischief.  Nanna told her she would share some of her veggies with her if she kept laying an egg every day. That suited Sally and she settled down for the night although she did dream about how she could dig a hole under the cage so that she could get out and run into Nanna's veggie patch without being seen. 


  1. What a delightful tale - probably non-fiction too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Sally is not so cute though as she pecked me today when I was taking her egg. LOL!

  3. What goes around comes around, even in chooky world. Any chook at your place would have a veritable feast of fruits and veggies to pick from.

    1. Look who came out of the woodwork. I have been wondering where you were, Lynda.

  4. Hi Chel, I was reading something the other day that advised putting a new caged chook right next to the existing run and in a few days the old chooks will be used to miss newbie and accept her quite nicely. ...worth a try.😊

    1. Unfortunately the cages are on opposite sides of the property, Margaret. Otherwise we could do that.

  5. Sally had some social issues. Lol
    i love your childrens stories Nanna Chel I am sure the Grandchildren love them! Xxx

    1. Annabel, Sally certainly does have social issues. LOL!

  6. That was a very cute story with lessons to learn from it too. :)


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