Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Help needed for Fijian villagers.

I am sure that most people living in Australia heard about Cyclone Winston last month when it devastated certain areas of Fiji and news of the monster storm may have even been viewed on TV screens in the Northern Hemisphere. You can see how badly damaged some areas were in these before and after satellite photos. A friend of mine who lives in Sydney is part of an organisation that is sending a container to Fiji in the next couple of weeks and you might like to help fill the container with some items that are needed. 

I asked her what is needed and this was her reply:

The situation on the ground for many people is that everything has blown away, all their belongings have gone and they were left with their lives and the clothes they had on the day the cyclone hit. For many villages there is no power and no likelihood of power being reinstalled for many weeks. All the crops have been destroyed and safe drinking water is not available for many. Red cross have provided tents and is providing basic food. 

I think the best things for people to post to me would be reusable sanitarypads, school stationary, water sterilising tablets, electrolyte tablets, small pieces of clothing. 

The weather will start to cool in May and it rains a lot in June July. Basic things such as tea leaves become an unaffordable luxury so tea bags would be great.

My current focus is collecting clothing, bed linen and cooking equipment. Also raising funding to pay for solar energy sets for as many villages as possible as they are without power so cannot charge mobile phones or have light at night.


I know this is late notice but it couldn't be helped unfortunately but if you could help in any way it would be much appreciated. The container leaves Sydney on the 20th March which doesn't leave much time to get parcels there in time. However, if you can help please email me on nannachel@gmail.com and I will pass on her contact details. 

Also if you would prefer to help financially I can give you the bank details of the organisation that is sending over the container. 

My friend really has a heart for the people of Fiji and last year she and some other very generous ladies spent a few weeks over there teaching women how to sew school uniforms for their children. I imagine she did this in her annual holidays from work.  

I can't imagine what it would be like to lose absolutely everything and to have to start from scratch once again but, as you can see from the satellite photos, there are not even shops to buy necessities from as everything has been blown to pieces in some villages plus there has been a high death toll which families have to cope with as well. 

Let's help their future to look a little brighter. 


  1. We have been praying for this situation. Fiji is dear to us as we passed through there this summer to Solomon Islands.

    1. That is nice of you, Chrissy. Fiji could certainly do with your prayers.

  2. Some of my staff at work have family affected by this - assistance is happening directly via them here.

    1. That is great, Phil. Your staff must be so concerned about all the damage done over there.

  3. It is just devastating Chel, isn't it. Our school is doing a fundraiser next Friday, so we will assist there both with time and energy and financially. God bless. Mimi xxx

  4. Mimi, that is lovely of you. They certainly need all the help they can get.

  5. Goodness, its the 11th and this is first i've heard about it. I've been offline. Email coming.


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