Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Silly Sally Spots a Scary Stranger

This is another little story for my grandchildren. The girls are on school holidays so my seven year old granddaughter can read this to her younger sister and baby brother. She tells me she has written a book so I look forward to reading it when I visit in a few weeks time.


One day last week Nanna went outside to put Sally the chook to bed as it was time to cook dinner and the guinea pigs had already settled down for the night. However Sally had other ideas as she wanted to keep playing.


So she ran away and hid.  

When Nanna went over to check on the guinea pigs she decided to have a dust bath in Nannu's pile of sawdust. Oops, Nannu won't be happy!

Then Nanna spied her so she gave chase but Sally decided to just ignore her and scratch around in the compost heap to see if she could find any worms. 

All of a sudden....WHAM! What was that? Something hit her on the head. 

Sally heard a noise in the tree above and looked up and saw Cornelius the cockatoo in the macadamia nut tree pulling the nuts off and dropping them onto Sally. She got a big fright and ran away with an aching head....

...past the dahlias...

....past Leah...

... and kept running until she saw another nice patch to have a scratch around in.

All of a sudden...WHAM! She was hit on the head again and this time it really, really hurt.

She heard a noise in the tree above and  looked up and there was Cornelius the cockatoo's cousin, Clarence, in the pecan nut tree pulling nuts off and dropping them onto Sally. 

She had had enough by now and her head was throbbing so she started running again...

...past the succulents...

...past the pig who was no help...

...and she nearly ran into a scary stranger who was in HER backyard! Sally had never met Willy the white faced heron before and didn't know that he often visited Nanna and Nannu's yard. 

Sally was terrified and ran as quickly as she could back to Nanna and asked her to put her to bed.

Nanna locked her up for the night to keep her safe and as Sally lay there thinking about her big adventure and wondering if her throbbing head would ever get better, she decided that it really wasn't much fun when you don't do what you are told as it can get you into an awful lot of trouble.

The next day when Nanna went outside to put Sally to bed she came as soon as she was called! 


  1. I just love these kid's stories - another classic here again.

    1. Ha ha Phil. I just hope my daughter has recharged her phone or got some more credit for her tablet so the girls can read the story :-)

  2. Oh this is just gorgeous Nana Chel. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am trying to encourage my granddaughters to write their own stories, Sally. They have been read lots of stories since they were born.

  3. Fantastic story Nanna Chel, with a moral at the end. xx

    1. Nothing like a moral at the end for little ones, Barb ;-)

  4. Chel, that is fantastic. What a wonderful Nanna story! Mimi xxx

    1. Thanks Mimi. Just trying not to 'flump'. LOL!

  5. Lovin' your kids stories. Well done.

  6. Pretty cool. A cautionary tale wrapped in an adventure. Brilliant.

    Oh, and this is Juds.

    1. Glad you like it, Juds. I was only thinking anout you last night and wondering how you were.


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