Sunday, 30 October 2016

Before I go...AGAIN!

It seems I have been going away a lot lately but not really when you consider I only fly to Mt.Isa twice a year and drive to the beach in November and that's about the extent of my travelling each year. Not very adventurous eh? However, I don't really have a need to go anywhere else and prefer not to be on the highway unless I have to be. Too many impatient drivers around these days who don't like driving behind grey haired ladies in little cars and I really hate it when I get beeped by one such driver although that has only happened once or twice. My annual trip to the beach has been the source of much amusement to my friends as I have a habit of taking the wrong turn but I think I have nailed it now and shouldn't have any problems as long as the road is exactly the same as it was last year :-)

I can't wait to walk on the beach in the evening and watch the beautiful sunsets which are even more stunning than usual after a storm. I took a walk around the garden before I left to see how my seedlings and plants are doing as I am not sure they will still be alive by the time I get back. Hopefully there will be some rain as I am sure the CEO will forget where some of them are. 

We seem to have a lot of plants with white flowers at the moment. I was very excited to see the first flowers on this gardenia which was one of the two free plants that the Council offers to ratepayers once a year. We picked up two gardenias but the other one is a different variety and I think something is eating the buds as they haven't opened up yet.

 I discovered this white cactus flower this morning which I didn't realise we had growing. All the others are pink or red.

Another white flower I didn't know we had! The CEO is often given bulbs and he just sticks them in the ground somewhere and forgets about them and it is always a surprise to find them flowering.

The last few days I have seen some of the chooks with what looked like black bottoms and found really runny poo on the grass as well. I was a bit concerned that they weren't well especially after we lost Sally a while back and then it twigged what the problem was....

...they were pigging out on the mulberries. Ha ha! Problem solved.  

I am quite disappointed with some of the veggies as there are heaps of grubs on them which I haven't seen before and they have also been decimating the calendula patch as well. Each year there is a different problem and I have decided not to grow too many vegetables in the future as I can buy organically grown ones at the Farmer's Market each fortnight. I think I will just stick to planting easy to grow lettuce, beetroot etc.

So, all being well, my next post will be written with the ocean in the background. I think I have remembered to pack everything for my son and I. The CEO stays home to look after his wildlife and he isn't one for sitting and looking at sunsets or walking on the esplanade which is what I like to do at the beach. He likes to spend hours fishing. 
I have fed Gertrude my sourdough starter, put the kefir grains to sleep in the fridge (I dried most of the ones in the photo above as they multiply so quickly) and packed some craftwork to do while away so I think I am organised. We are having a Down to Earth Forum get-together next Saturday so I am looking forward to that plus I have some friends to catch up with as well as a family member who lives on the coast. 

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. Have a lovely and safe visit to the beach dear Chel. Your white flowers are stunning of course and your chookies are funny. I don't think my kefir has multiplied much at all, so will have to look up what I'm doing wrong. Looking forward to some beach shots. xx

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Oh those mulberries!! Yumm!


  3. ''I don't have a need to go anywhere'' That is us Chel. We love home and our yard. Visits to our children and a yearly visit to the favourite fishing spot less than 2 hours away is right for us.
    Rellies our own age are busy running around the world keeping the travel industry going and find us very odd. But we think why ??? We like home best . Have a nice beach visit and come home safely .

  4. Oh - have fun and take lots of photos!!

  5. Have a wonderful time away, I love the beach, it always seems to take your problems away with the wind. Enjoy. Guida

  6. have a wonderful time with your son & yes please lots of photos!
    hahaha mulberries!

    thanx for sharing

  7. Thanks for all your well wishes. I have already run into four people from Toowoomba and am catching up with a friend tomorrow and have Thursday, Friday and Saturday booked up as well. It is cool here but pleasant. We are right on the water so get a sea breeze in the afternoon. We had our usual fish and chips on our first night at the beach and I think we overdid it a bit :-) Tomorrow I will be having salad etc. to recover. Glad I brought some of my sourdough bread with me.

  8. Have lots of fun Chel. Looking forward to reading more of your exploits at the beach. And fish & chips is mandatory "first night at beach" food.


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