Thursday, 17 November 2016

Where is that jolly super moon?

On Tuesday night was I the only person who was standing outside in the backyard in the dark trying to make sure I didn't walk on any chook poo (still waiting for the new chook pen) and braving the cold wind while waiting for the clouds to part so that we could see the much talked about super moon?

Well, when you live with a family member who is into Astrophotography you do these things :-)

He didn't use the telescope this time but had the Nikon Coolpix P600 ready to take photos when and if the clouds parted as it is the best of the four cameras in this household for zooming in....

...and part they did! So the photography session began. When this photo was uploaded to the computer I felt like it was time for the Star Wars theme to start up. Ha ha!

Time to zoom in....

...oops! Too much zoom!

Hmmm, that's about right! Okay super moon, see you again in 2034. Hang on, I may not be around then and if I am I doubt I will be hanging out in the back yard waiting for the clouds to part.

Back on earth once again...I have some readers who like to be reminded about the annual Bush Christmas Exhibition which showcases handmade work done by our talented artisans who live in remote and rural areas of Australia. Their work is on sale and there is a vast variety of goods available such as artworks, ceramics, garden art, jewellery, books and toys, homewares, textiles and so on. You can view some of the items for sale on their website.

The exhibition goes from 2-11 December from 9am to 6pm and will be held at 58 Neil Street Toowoomba next to the Empire Theatre. If you live in the region it really is worth while visiting and buying a gift or two which will help our country people who have done it tough these last few years while tackling the drought which still isn't over. 


  1. Wow! These photos are brilliant. Mine were terrible.

  2. Great photos Chel. My husband called me outside to look at the Super Moon. It was interesting to look at, but I still liked Halley's Comet better ;-)

  3. Incredible photos Nanna Chel! I am glad the clouds parted for you, and of course you will be around for the next better be!


  4. We watched the moon rise from the back deck here, Nanna Chel. It was more the brightness of it that we were amazed by rather than its size. Our boy got his telescope out and we focussed it on the moon with him. It's a different thing to see something suddenly up close, isn't it! I told him the folktale of the Rabbit in the Moon but he had difficulty seeing how the darker grey Maria plains form an impression of a little rabbit...your clear photos will make it easy for me to show him. We took photos too but nowhere near as clear. Thanks for sharing. Meg:)

  5. Great photos Chel. There was too much cloud here, so I went off to bed, planning to get up later, but slept soundly until 6am. !!

  6. We had a rainy night so we will have to live another 18 years!!

  7. i looked out but all i saw was just a normal looking moon, i couldn't tell if it was super or not! didn't look any different.
    wonderful photos!
    thanx for sharing


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