Wednesday, 25 October 2017

There is help for the straight line challenged!

In recent years I have had difficulty keeping hems etc. straight for some reason so I was very excited when one of the ladies on The Home Maker's Forum mentioned that she now had a Clover Hot Ruler to help with her sewing.

The ruler is heat resistant and doesn't slip around so is perfect to use when sewing slippery fabrics not that I do much of that these days but others probably do. I had a look online to see if I could buy it from Spotlight but couldn't see the ruler on their website. So I checked out other Australian suppliers and there didn't seem to be many and the rulers they had were very expensive.

I ended up buying mine on eBay after finding this info and it arrived last week.   

You can read about it on the Clover website and on YouTube there is a demo on How to Hem with the Hot Ruler by Clover.

I think this will be a great help for all those out there who, like me, are straight line challenged. I have curtains to sew soon when I stop procrastinating so it will come in handy.

Have you heard about the Hot Ruler before? If you have one let me know what you think of it.


  1. I always burn my fingers on the iron as i'm trying to press the hem accurately.... this sounds like something I need!

  2. This is so useful. I'm going to buy one. Thanks for the link Chel. Normally I just fold the hem and sew even without ironing, and sometimes lines get a bit crooked. This should solve the problem.

  3. That's a good result.I just use a big quilting ruler and a chalk pencil to mark things up.A steel,ruler will be ok with heat too if someone needed to try that.

    Put your curtains up and let them 'hang' for a week before you measure and sew the hems, as they will drop with their own weight, also make the hem 1cm from the floor so they don't drag and get dirty and worn out on the threads that touch the floor.Any help ring me (ex Hannahs curtain maker )

  4. never heard of these but can imagine how helpful it would be to any sewer
    thanx for sharing

  5. That would have been very helpful years ago when I was constantly putting up, letting down, resewing school uniform hems. We had a wooden ruler that stood upright beside the "wearer" of the garment needing hemming (they stood on the table usually) and I'd go around pinning at a certain height on the ruler. Quite tedious really. Cheers Lyndie

  6. This could end my telling people that uneven hems are all the rage!!

  7. Sounds like that ruler could be very useful Chel.


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